Breaking Bad, Eek!!

It’s Saturday, or as I call it this time of year, the day before Breaking Bad.

Sunday night is the last episode of the third season. I was literally stunned by the ending of last week’s episode. You think Walt and Jesse can’t get in any deeper but they just keep sinking into risk.

I am excited to see this episode and so bummed that the season is already over. It will be a year before I can catch a repeat of the season 3 episodes. They are usually rerun just before the new season starts. That will be Feb. 2011?

Maybe they’ll get the season 3 onto DVD for Christmas. That would be fab.

 Vince Gilligan’s writing on this show is superb. I am always amazed by the visual richness and the completely believable. character-based dramatic tension of each show.

I have proposed that Frank and I begin watching the Gilligan-written episodes of the X Files and trying out the Lone Gunmen series in Breaking Bad’s absence. Somehow I’ll get through the summer and closer to February one Gilligan-penned piece at a time.


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