Go Forth and Prosper

During a quick trip to Grocery Outlet this morning I bought something I’d resisted for weeks — the Eggo Star Trek waffles. They are fittingly odd and on this day irresistable.

Captain James T. Kirk, I suppose.

You can also eat Scotty’s famous line for breakfast. 

These were the last of the waffles. Ice crystals have formed inside their wrapping. They’ve seen better days.

Still, how can you not be inspired by this artistic pairing of quick, convenient food and classic TV characters?

Here is an alien. I cannot identify him but I’m sure there are Trekies out there that can. Let’s hear from you all-knowing Trek historians. Does this guy have a name?

Is he a member of the Elephant Man tribe of space creatures.

Famous symbol for the Earth team, I believe.

Kind of looks like a futuristic boomerang. Tie me kangaroo down, mate (first single I bought as a child).

Blue and Orange are the dominant colors on these waffles. I am imagining a pair of adult, hardcore Trekie roommates, clad in boxer shorts (tighty whiteys?) fighting over the best waffles.

I’m sure the intent of this Vulcan greeting/blessing is just as pure even though it was printed off center.

Here’s the very best image.

 The Vulcan hand salute in all it’s glory. I’d fight for this waffle.



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