Still Shrooming

Something must be done about my obsessive tendencies. I’ve been shrooming it up for days now.

It’s a simple design and so many textures and colors can be incorporated.

This is the most frilly ruffle I have made for this series of shrooms.

This material is stiff and gauzy and somewhat irridescent.

I really like it on this small headed mushroom. Small raised dots might be nice on this one  but I may leave it alone.

 I pretty sure that I am an innovation junkie. I seem unable to stick to refining the creations I’ve already worked my way through before I’m compelled to dive into something untried.

It’s okay. I have to accept it. It’s what keeps me moving forward.

It’s very Aries, constantly needing a new challenge, testing skills, trying something for the first time. Thank the beings of light that I was born with Mars in Taurus so I have a bit of methodical follow through.

Can creativity have side effects? When I get all swept up in an idea I start seeing possibilites that stretch far into the future. Unfortunately, the visions involve materials from which the creation will be composed. I daydream of waltzing through thrift stores gathering beautiful materials, sparkling, delicate, gauzy, rainbow hues of satin, nylon and cotton. I’ll hunt up a mountain of the stuff if I don’t watch it. Why is that bad, the mountain of supplies?

Because wicked Time stands nearby leering at me.

“Just how many days will it take to work your way through this wall of material?” Time asks with a smirk.

I can feel my carpal tunnel beat tendons throb.

Practicality asks “How many mushrooms are needed? Where will you store them? Will anyone care?”

I started making catnip squid, then I got requests to make other plushies and before you know it I’d bought a mountain of fleece, a rangey rainbow of fuzzy fabric.

In the little movies in my head I’m standing before the mountain working busily to mine it. I am a termite gnawing through a mansion of wood. I can see myself, elated, on the day I’ve stitched the last piece of cloth. My arms are raised, fists waving! Bravo. I’ve transformed every scrap in the house into something attractive and useful!

“The world does not need more stuff,” says Practicality.

I pretend I didn’t hear a thing.


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