You Like Me, You Really Like Me

The sun is up and the breeze is cool. All is right with the world.

I checked my computer last night to find that some wonderful person had purchased two of my Soft Boys, hell, my only two Soft Boys — Keith Richards and Joey Ramone.

Here they are backlit and looking dreamy. I love these dolls and that being the case I am experiencing some separation anxiety.

Last night, in place of the the regular Etsy sale exhilaration, I felt a creeping little sadness. I guess that’s normal as these dolls came from the heart.

I am really happy that someone out there appreciates my work so much they bought both Soft Boys.

It feels like a green light to make all the Soft Boys I’d ever dreamed. Stitching an hommage in the likeness of all my fave rockers.

Robyn Hitchcock has to be next because the name came from him.

“Hi, we’re the Soft Boys,” said Robyn one evening long ago.

I suppose I should, as the buyer suggested, try my hand at Mick Jagger, other Ramones (I’d do Dee Dee first), Iggy Pop!!!!! and Ziggy era David Bowie. 

Arthur Lee (Love) has my heart but he’s a tricky one. I’d make him in his powerful, if short, later days with his hat over a bandana.

Josh Homme would be a thrill. Queens of the Stone Age fans, would you recognize your leader? I’d have to make him sweet and beefy like the pillar of love that is Sex Bomb, sweet voiced, fiesty Homme. That is inspiration.

It makes me happy to know that someone out there, someone who checks out Etsy, loves rock n roll as much as I do. Jordan in New Jersey, thanks for reviving my faith in my fandom.

My honey, Frank from New Jersey, was the first to give my obsessive fandom the positive nod. As a recipient of my undying affection and adoration he knows it can be a sweet thing. ♥


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