Positive Charge

I love sitting beneath the huge Pine tree in the yard in my stripey socks on my stripey blanket.

I love feeling the cool early-morning breeze, drinking in the light and the scents of the plants surrounding my spot.

It really adds another dimension to breathing in and out, relaxing, pulling in the good, positive charge and letting it all flow through me.

Pledging to take the time, I want to be there every morning. I just have to make an appointment with myself.

The weather is so mild it’s an invitation to sit and stretch and feel the earth beneath me.

Lotus heart and diamond mind, this is the place for me to unwind, stretch my selves like silver threads as far as can be done.

With the camera, on my way back in, there are things to remember.  Capture their likeness and share.

Bet I’ll be back tomorrow.


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