June Projects

A revisitation of  feeling my progress is molasses slow on my latest three projects. I wish there was three of me to deal tenderly with each.

Through the last week of June I’ll make the caterpillar and the hookah for for the ADO Alice in Wonderland Challenge.  

Choosing which mushroom to use will be the easiest thing on my list.

I’ve got a maroon mushroom with a striped stem and a cotton ruffle made of strips of an Indian bed spread.

I love the colors and the rough stringy look of the ruffle.

The purple mushroon has a furry stem. I call it the 70s plush fur ‘shroom. It also has a bumpy pink under section that makes a nice contrast to the purple ruffle.

In the end I will just have to see which looks best with the finished caterpillar.

I’ve been avoiding the work of lacing ribbon through the strings on the sock I will be fashioning into the fat wormy fellow.

It’s really only about a dozen rows of threading, a job that would take about an hour and a half,  if I really applied myself, but I’m only logging about 15 minutes at a time.

I really wanted this sock to be more of a greenish color. I dyed it, then bleached it and it’s still pretty dull. I’ll use permanent markers to jazz it up after I get the ribbon in. My deadline for this Alice project is July 7th.

I cannot believe how quickly the minutes and hours of June are disappearing. June, slow down.

 I have been encouraged to create more Soft Boys. That makes me very, very happy. ♥♥♥ I will make Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop and David Bowie. As I learned to say in my So Cal youth, I am totally stoked to do this work which is indistinguishable from play.

 Mick’s face is coming out well. I love simple cloth dolls because I can’t get too carried away with details. It has less of the angst of painting portraits. Don’t get me wrong. I love that angst. It’s sort of thrilling to see if the painted face will actually come together and resemble the intended subject. It’s very weird and spooky to see a portrait trying to become someone you had not intended to paint.

Here’s one of my reference photos.

I’ve also collected pix of real life specimens.

I like to ground my vision in physical reality.

Five sets of legs or feet. His rear end (I think) looks sort of dog like with that little red tail looking thing.

We are off to see Toy Story 3 today so I’d better not linger here any longer. Must get those ribbons into my caterpillar. It will be fun to move on to sculpting his many fat little legs.


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