Slow Garden

Lack of first-time zeal has made this year’s garden less captivating than last year. even though this is the third season, really, not the second, my enthusiasm kind of paled.

It’s also partially due to deciding to plant mostly catnip. I use catnip for my squiddie cat toys. It makes sense to grow that crop.

Last year and the year before we were heavy on tomatoes. I love them in the spring and throw them in/on nearly every dish. I guess my tomato thrill waned.

I’ve got a grisly Early Girl growing. It came from the store kind of gnarled and yucky. It’s first little tomatoes were split and sad-looking. I’ve fertilized it and am hoping it will freshen up with the trimming I’m giving it.

It seemed over grown  and kind of curled in on itself. I think it was abused some how on its way to market.

 The close up shot lets you see that some of the toms tend toward a Tim Burtonesque quality. Big bugs?

We’ve got a Roma tomato, Big Mama Hybrid. Those will be delicious.

I noticed we have tiny little early girls that are coming from the seeds of one of last years fallen tomatoes. Too cool. I really do love effortless gardening.

We welcomed some beautiful squash to the container garden last week. there are two regular zucchini:

and one eight ball squash, which will look like little squash pool balls when they are ready for plucking. The blossoms are yellow stars, so beautiful.

The Eightball squash are pre bloom. Something to look forward to seeing (see below).

I hope the squash, which likes to spread out can deal with crawling outside the low, flat pot. I will have to make sure their tendrils are out of the way of the mad gardener and his edger.

Maybe I’ll erect a sign.

“Proceed gently in the vicinity of vegetables.”  ” No sharp tools near tender plants.” Or, “Back off, Jack!”

The Tibetan flags hung over the garden have faded to the point where straight neighbors ( if we have any) will take them for patriotic red, white, and blue. Just in time for the Fourth of July. The green faded to blue, the yellow to white. We had a lot of rain this year.

Chamomile and chocolate peppermint. These will go into iced tea.

Herbs and flowers and vegetables are a pleasure even for those of us who possess little knowledge.



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