Stone Mick

When I thought about doing it I knew my first reaction would be laughter and I was right. Of course, he’s so easy to cartoonize. His face is easily plunged into caricature.

I am very happy with my Mick head. He’s just itching to get his body attached so he can strut like a rooster. I’ll stuff his bod today.

It’s amazing to me how simple the stitching can be and still communicate specific traits.

Years ago I longed to be a cartoonist. I loved, still do, R. Crumb for his detail, his workmanship and mania for the pen. He along with Lynda Barry have inspired me to try my hand at artistic pursuits probably more than any other folks beside Andy Warhol.

I think I’m learning more about cartooning making cloth dolls than I did from reading all the materials specifically on the subject.

I made his do very leonine. He is of course a Leo.

Mick on a stick. This is how I cut the hair and get a good look of how it hangs. Do I need to add a lock or two? Cut this section a bit shorter. It works well and satisfies the latent hairdresser in me.

I don’t believe it is possible to make Mick’s lips to big. They really are beautiful. If you were his ex-girlfriend you’d miss those lips.

Start me up!


2 Responses to “Stone Mick”

  1. I saw him on Larry King the other day, after all these years they are still rolling…

    This is awesome!

    Your painting with fabric now 🙂

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