Pink and Blue

The people who operate Grocery Outlet have really good taste. They get the most wonderful things and the fact that when you see something you like you may not see it again, gives shopping there the thrill of second handing.

These beautiful gladioli came in 3 foot stalks, five or six to a bundle. The were selling two for $5. It’s the bargain of the month!

They were there by the checkout stands in a deep red, a pale chartreuse and yellow, all gorgeous.

What affordable beauty. Thanks, Grocery Outlet.

These came home with me the morning I had recorded a fresh view of the Hamilton house yard.

As I lay on my striped comforter on the lawn, doing my yoga routine, I snapped a few photos.

What do I see from there, on my back, with my eyes open, in sweet relaxation?

The sun is coming up in the east.

The moon, still up, towards the south.

Clear skies and cool breezes make the morning so pleasant.

It’s a very nice space to breathe in the possibilities of the day, a visit from a bluejay friend.

“Squawk! Where are the peanuts?”


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