Now I Wanna Be Your Dog

Iggy Pop impressed me before I ever heard his music. I saw his picture in Creem Magazine and before that in my fave teen music mag, Teenset. It became Aum as the 60s got more and more psychedelic.

He looked great and you would have caught a whiff of his wild boy reputation even if Raw Power had never thrumbed your eardrums.

When I was finally exposed to the Stooges it was a permanent affliction. I love everything about James Osterberg.

I got the head for my Iggy doll sketched and have started embroidering the facial features.

I printed little postcards of the images I wanted to use for inspiration.

Saturday, Frank and I stopped by Barnes and Noble while waiting for Best Buy to open. I found a new Mojo magazine and the large Encyclopedia of Punk (for half price).

It is filled with tons of pictures. I can use it to do future dolls, including the NY Dolls. They will go on Soft Boys list. Arthur “Killer” Kane first.

It has very good close up pix of X and the Cramps, too. On the list! They could have done better by Jeffrey Lee Pierce. I love Gun Club.

My idea to make the Soft Boys in the image of all the musicians who have inspired my over the years came soon after discovering the TV show Crafters Coast to Coast.

That was about 2004 or 2005, so the desire has been stewing since then.  Things must simmer for a while till the skills catch up.

That TV show got me into all kinds of trouble but it definitely put a bee in my creative bonnet. It unleashed my belief that I could get my hand in the game.

Here I am making Soft Boys and actually selling them, making donuts and dolls.

To paraphrase Iggy: Anytime I want I got a right to sew, anytime I want, anytime at all.

I am earning my freedom to create and I love it.

Sometimes it seems, despite our good intentions, real jobs in the real corporate world bog down into petty, confused power struggles and, for me, though it may not be plainly obvious, there’s only so much shit I will take.

If you want to clarify your desires, get your head on straight about power listen to Iggy Pop, the Stooges, Raw Power — I Got a Right.

Play it loud.


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