Glad Tidings of Gelatin

When Jello calls one must respond. My local grocery store happened to have Jello as a featured sale item. I bought four large packages but only after a visit to my favorite thrift shop to pick up a couple of molds.

It’s the kind of thrift shop where jello moulds would almost certainly be in stock.  The had four. I brought two.

A tall tower mold with nice round curves will hold a lot of goodies encased in gelatin — raspberries, cantaloupe, cherries.

Frank loves cherries. I love the color red. Black cherry, cherry and orange jello will be bright and beautiful. I decided to do safe fruits for now and try my crazy cream jellos if my first attempts are a success.

How can I screw up Jello, you ask? I tend to wing it with most recipes.

I’ll have to try very hard to be precise with the measurements.

The roses on the second mold looked so pretty.

Imagine raspberries suspended just below them. Won’t it be great?


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