Art Dolls Only Alice in Wonderland Challenge

I am throughly confused about where I am supposed to post my finished (sort of) Alice in Wonderland doll/sculpture for the Art Dolls Only team challenge.

I thought I had it figured out. I’d post it on my personal blog and then, tomorrow, go visit others ADO members’ blogs. Then at the last minute I thought no maybe it’s supposed to be on ADO where we have individual blogs, too. Seeing a post from someone else who almost did what I did today, post on the individual ADO Blog, then realized it goes on our non ADO blog me deciding I should post here. Here goes.

I don’t feel the critter is completely finished but I liked getting to this point. I kept it simple though really what does that mean?

The hookah smoking caterpiller from Alice in Wonderland was my choice because I felt Alice had been done. At the last moment I wanted to switch and try a Mark Bolan in Top Hat doll to stand in for the MadHatter but it was just too late.

This is a sock caterpillar with little burned out Xmas bulbs for eyes.

I used yarns and threads and marker pens to get my dull sock to have a bit of color, still I think it needs more contrast. I may return to this project in the future.

I really didn’t go all out on the hooka. Another dollmaker at ADO made a beautiful hooka for her Caterpillar.

Kandra Niagra made a smashing caterpillar and that amazingly ornate and huge hookah! Go Kandra!

I love my mushroom more than my caterpillar.

It’s my first attempt at a caterpillar so I’m cutting myself some slack.

I like the little crabby hands but they need more definition. More marker pen?

I used an old wooden spool for the hookah. Very plain and very low tech.

Here’s a photo of the caterpillar with my avatar redhead doll. They are just hanging out now.

I feel my two creations (so far) specifically for ADO challenges have been really lackluster. I’m not sure I should try to cover as many challenges. It might be better to keep on doing the Soft Boys/ Soft Girls and when one is appropriate for a challenge offer it.

Everyday is an ongoing experiment with time and creativity, eveything I do and I will learn what works best.

I feel very blessed to be able to do this work  that I love and I’m always thrilled to have invitations to try something I may not have otherwise tried to create. Interaction with others is good. I continue to learn.

I won’t get too bummed about  things that don’t come out as well as I hoped they would. I am making my rock-n-roll-doll dreams come true and that is priceless.


28 Responses to “Art Dolls Only Alice in Wonderland Challenge”

  1. I Think They are brilliant, He really looks likes hes enjoying that smoke. Linda:)

  2. Your caterpillar is smokin!!
    Ok, couldn’t resist but he is just so full of character ~he’s great!! As artists I think we tend to be our worst critics but I think you should know that while many of us empathize with you , as a viewer I Just see how wonderfully unique your piece is and all of the time and attention to details you paid him.

    Your piece is utterly charming~thank you for sharing him!

    p.s. You should get a shot of him outside 🙂

  3. What a creative use of materials,I love how you have explored this challenge with natural fibers,nice job!

  4. rchelle christiansen Says:

    sad i can’t see your pics!!!

  5. THIS is so funny what a great idea! thanks for sharing!!!!

  6. I love your little caterpillar… the details are great.

  7. I actually love your smoking caterpillar! Love his squishyness… and the needle sculpting you did to define his legs. The mushroom is great, but the whole thing just makes me smile. 🙂

  8. Great idea! I’ve always liked the hookah image, your mushroom is beautiful.

  9. I love the contrast between the bright mushroom and the more muted caterpillar. The burned out eyes were so clever!

  10. I couldn’t agree more with Christine! You ‘re the 2nd artist so far to have expressed a somewhat “disappointment” in her work for this challenge… and to be honest.. for the life of me I don’t understand why???

    All I see is a super imaginative caterpillar doll (I mean xmas bulbs for eyes? Cmon!!!! they are BRILLIANT on him!!!). I find your Hookah amazing (+ he is one of my favorite characters to see as dolls for this challenge as well… if not THE favorite one)!!!!!!!!!

    Love your work!


  11. I LOVE HIM!!!! He made my deliriously tired brain go to a giggling happy place!

  12. wow!! what a wonderful idea. It’s cute.

  13. Thank you all for stopping by and giving glad greetings. I’m glad I made tired brains go to happy places. That is what it’s all about. ♥

  14. You got it right!
    I am totally diggin your caterpillar, He has such a unique look to your style and is very charming. you hit the nail on the head!
    great job!

  15. Wonderful! I adore your hooka smoking catapillar, what a riot!

  16. I love the idea of a Marc Bolan Mad Hatter… Bowie as the March Hare possibly? Your caterpillar is cool so is the funky toadstool, Rock on!!!

  17. Well, I’m totally agree with Yovanka!!
    Let me say that This is Pure Art! It’s a fantastic Caterpillar Hookah (here in Italy we call him “Brucaliffo” from 2 italians words “Bruco” – Caterpillar… and “Califfo” ’cause it smokes)
    You have a Great Imagination and I love when an Artist have so much creativity and can use any type of materials to get own art project. I also do so.
    I believe that is a Great Piece and I LOVE IT a lot!!!
    Thanks for sharing your Art!

    Laura ^__-

  18. LOVE the sock caterpillar!!
    Have you seen the stop motion Czech movie “Alice” ?

    There is a bizarre sock caterpillar in it, but not as cool as yours!

  19. He’s great, I love his face and mouth, looks like he’s actually smoking 🙂

  20. he’s making me giggle, but I thought he was eating spaghetti! he’s too cute to be smoking heheheh

  21. Well I think you did a wonderful job. I love you’re caterpillar and well done for stepping out of your comfort zone,

  22. Yes, definitely cut yourself some slack – he is wonderful!!

  23. Fabulous!!! You did an amazing job :O)

  24. cool caterpillar. I had thought to do this one but we go where our creativity takes us.

  25. What a total rock and roll caterpillar! I like his “happy” face. LOL Cool how you made his beaded eyes on stems. Very different, and different is always good. 🙂

  26. I love that you’ve made him from a sock 😉

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