Up the Tree

While doing yoga this morning I decided I’d like to shoot some pix up the giant pine tree ala Georgia O’Keeffe’s the Lawrence Tree.

I pulled my blanket over to a spot in the wet grass beneath the tree. I like The Lawrence tree better . It’s branches are spread more voluptuously.

Georgia’s view was made in the evening and includes patches of the starry New Mexico sky. If I went out at night would I be able to get any stars in the photo? We’ll see.

The Perseids Meteor Shower will peak  the evening of Aug. 12 until the morning of Aug. 13.

Shall I make a date?

A decade ago my daughter Jessica and I camped out for a few hours on our little backyard trampoline and watched a great flurry of falling lights. It was beautiful.

Trees are inspiring. Here is something else that is beautiful in the green and brown range.

These pretty little ice cubes are herbally enhanced chunks of cow butter, almond butter, chocolate almond milk and bittersweet chocolate chips. They can be plopped into hot chocolate, coffee or smoothies for an intense greasy-choco treat.

There are little bags of the same herbally-infused stew stashed in the freezer for use in baked goods.

I also made a tasty chile verde. I found Hatches chiles at the grocery store Friday and was inspired to recreate a green chile beef stew I’d made while at the university in Albuquerque.

I added a few yellow potatoes to the mix of green chile sauce and it was delicious with a couple of green chile corn tortillas. The only thing missing was a dollop of sour cream. Maybe this evening.


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