Andy Replies – Sorta Silent Movies

I’m developing a new, potentially annoying hobby — sorta silent movies.

My first adventure in camera filming recorded granny’s cat Sam sniffing Tibetan incense smoke. The camera work was very shoddy. Spaztastic.

My second film is a recording of a spot of light bouncing on the wooden panel that covers the pass through window between the work area, where I now sit writing this, and the kitchen.

These are minimalist films. Perhaps meditations on time.

Right this very second I am making a film of the sunlight sparkling light on a plastic rainbow twirler hanging out side the window of my workspace. It happens every sunny morning between 7:15 and 8:15 a.m.

All my films, so far, have incidental sound. My daughter Jessica could hear the soundtrack of the Andy Griffith Show playing in the background of the Sam/Incense piece.

The Bouncing Light Spot is pretty quiet but really discovery the buried, ambient soundtrack is part of the experience of taking in the film (it’s not really film).

The Rainbow Twirler piece, my third, will have the sound of this computer keyboard, the sprinkler outside and perhaps a few instances of my spoon scooping multi-grain cereal from my glass breakfast bowl.

I am sad to say that I cannot share these “films” with you here at WordPress. I am too cheap to spring for the $59.95 price of a video up grade. If I have an abundant holiday season later in the year my New Years Resolution will be to add video.

You can see my new absurdist/ minimalist work on Facebook by friending me — Constance Dillon. I’ll be putting up Bouncing Spot of Light today. Rainbow Twirler is still recording. I can already tell it’s quite good. Beautiful, really. Thank you sun.

An airplane is flying overhead. A walk on for my film. I am feeling like Andy Warhol.

“What should I do?” asks the filmic subject.

“Gee, I dunno. Just look at the camera,” Andy replies.


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