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Animals Can Be Bitchy

Posted in gardening, nature with tags , , , on July 13, 2010 by darcyarts

I’ve been riding the stationary bike and doing yoga in the yard for a few weeks now. I’m very glad to be back to it, glad to be up early and, with our triple digit summer temps, glad to be outside in the cool of the day.

I enjoy the wildlife. The blue jays are perky and sharp-eyed. They seem to squawk in a fairly pleasant way. They seem appreciative to pick the unsalted peanuts I’ve tossed out on the lawn.

Squirrels are crazy.

I put the peanuts out for the blue jay after he/she showed up with a sharp inquiry.

 I watered the container garden then took to my stripey yoga mat to stretch. Three quarters of the way through my routine the bitching started in earnest.

Squirrel had been chasing and being chased by the blue jay. They seemed to be fighting over a little crepe myrtle tree, a favored perch for the jay. These critters get very close to each other but do no serious harm to one another.

The squirrel is up the big pine tree barking and slapping his busy little paws against the wood, trying to scare me off.

“Get out, get out, get out, out, out . . . out.”

Slap, slap, slap. Bark, bark, bark.

As he/she began to run out of steam the bark withered a bit and sounded just like the Pirate Chicken (Capt. Jack Chicken) dog toy Frank bought in honor of the late, great Fred Janus.

When you squeeze its belly it makes wheezy whistly squawks. Yes, Captain Chicken has a peg leg and an eye patch. I’m not sure if he holds a telescope or  a bottle of rum. What would be most useful to a pirate?

I challenged the squirrel to be brave, come down and snatch a peanut while I’m sitting there. Squirrel erred on the side of caution and stayed up the tree, fretting and squeaking and generally being obnoxious. I did one position and then took my mat into the house.

The sheisty squirrels came out and danced about, all for peanuts. Yo ho.