Life is good. I am busy working on my Soft Boys (and Girls). I am newly married to my longtime love, Frank Miller ♥. I am in touch with the best and brightest people I have tangled with over the course of my life so far, and by in touch I mean Facebook.

My life is full of color and richness. I can buy, read and sell all manner of books. Thanks, Amazon. And sell my work from my house via Etsy. I’m growing herbs and veggies and I’m even doing yoga once again. Ah, limberness and quietude.

Now if I could just get my longtime best friend to buy a computer and get her butt hooked up.

Melodie Miller Turturro, come on!

She’s witty and fun, and like me, a loner at heart but in this day one can be a loner and still avail oneself of a satisfying virtual community.

This little photo booth pic is she and me in 1980. We were young and full of it. Melodie is a charmer and there is no reason to hide your light, Mel.

I hereby issue a challenge on the World Wide Web for you to carpe the virtual diem. No, I beg of you, sweet thing. Come into the ring like a Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot. Knock their blocks off!

It’s still a good artistic outlet to communicate with Mel via snail mail. I love to make postcards and snow her with mass mailings, four-postcard rants and trips down memory lane. Still, I crave the immediacy of opening the Facebook page and seeing her latest comment.

Mel, you don’t have to write a genius comment every time, though you could. No pressure. It’s casual. Come to us, Mel. Puleeeze.


2 Responses to “BFF”

  1. Ah yes Melodie Miller, truly a lovely girl..and where is Vinnie these days?

  2. Vinnie lives in Las Vegas with his ppost-Mel family. It’s where all ex-husband go to recover.

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