Lust For Life, Iggy

I’m nearly ready to give Iggy a head. The parts are ready to unite. I’ll do a last-minute inspection and then sew them together.

Here is how I started:

Then I filled in the facial features with embroidered detail.

It’s all to balance out those big blue eyes.

I may change my mind and make the nose more narrow.

Yes, I think I will. Take the bottom section in just a bit on each side.

I’ll take out the stuffing and put in a new line of stitching.

I want to make him anatomically correct. It’s Iggy, after all. At least as anatomically correct as a cloth doll can be.  I did give him nipples. He will be shirtless. I think.

In my youth I learned a few embroidery stitches and I have made use of one of them here to create little nipples. By winding the thread arround the needle and then sticking the needle back through you get a nice little knob. It’s good for flower centers and nipple tips.

Iggy will wear silver pants.  That is my intention, anyway. I have never tried sewing this material. Wish me luck.

Before he hits the street the Iggy Soft Boy may need a few more tufts of hair. I think I may make it a bit longer.

Next up on my request list for Soft Boy creations is Joe Strummer with a mohawk, David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust.

I still want to do Marc Bolan, Robyn Hitchcock, the Roxy Music Brian/Bryan duo. I might make a really big  Josh Homme and keep him all for myself. Artist Soft Girls  — Georgia O’Keeffe, Yayoi Kusama and Natalia Fabia — are definitely on my list and probably more Fridas.

This is pink-haired woman is Natalia Fabia at an LA art show with her new work.

Iggy would have been put together by now but his progress was stalled by an emergency do-over. A set of curly star pillows for a Bronx biz got lost in transit. Not really lost but misdelivered.

I have had excellent luck with all my packages getting safely to their destinations but the U.S. Post Office screwed up royally on this one.

The package stopped in the Bronx and was then sent off to Glen, New Hampshire. A local clerk here in Redding tried to find out what happened but it remains a mystery.

The Orange Star Pillow turned out well and will be a new offering at DarcyArts.

I needed to make one in the same purple as the original set. I cut the curls to be longer. The tricky part is getting them wide enough to turn inside out after stitching. I do the tips by hand, in a chain stitch for maximum room.

I will make more and keep em bright.


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