Iggy of the Cloth

My Iggy Pop doll is done. He’s got a dog collar, a bare chest and silver pants.

His head is a tad large but it’s because his big eyes need a big head and don’t you feel like Iggy is mostly head? Well, and abs and, well you know.

You’ve seen this pose before, haven’t you? Hit YouTube and there it will be.

I tried to keep it simple though Iggy really has so many edges. Lots of shadow and light.

I haven’t gotten to where I feel good about painting in body details.

Maybe  someday I’ll do them.

Iggy is one of my Taurus loves. The are just so “there”

“Can you feel it?” Asks Ig.

Yes, I can feel it.  I think this collar is just a little high. I might look for a thinner one.

I do like the purple glitter look.

Creative urges led me to give Iggy armpit hair.

It’s subtle. I think the silver pants came out pretty good. Dig it.


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