Mr. Incredible

I have given thought to controlling my buying habits. I’ve done well in some areas and in others, not so well.

I don’t buy many things I don’t really need at the thrift stores anymore. It’s part of my current work to buy really cute things. If they are vintage and I can sell the on Etsy. So that makes it easier. It’s like a free pass but those things have to be really charming.

I’ve made a firm rule that if there is one bit of doubt on any item I leave it in the store and walk away.

With Mr. Incredible there was not one speck of doubt. He is magnificent.

I didn’t see Mr. Incredible on that trip to my favorite thrift store. Frank found him and knowing how much I love this digital cartoon character, pointed him out to me. That’s what I call being a great partner.

I could not come up with any reason to leave Mr. Incredible behind. He was definitely well-worn. His face is a little damaged. You can see that he was made with his eye mask and that it had been rubbed off. HE has a cut over his left eye. The soft “skin” is split. That’s pretty normal wear and tear for a super hero. It’s rough protecting the world.

Look at that hair. It’s great.

When I need a little lift I can push the button on Mr. Incredible’s belt and he will say something pithy. 

His mouth actually opens, His chest puffs out to open the speaker area.

“I am Mr. Incredible!”

“I can break through walls but I can’t find my socks.”

“Can’t the world stay saved for a while?”

Yes, Mr. Incredible has human foibles. I guess that’s why I love him. He loves his wife and kids, lived the quiet, non-super hero life, so much so that he got into a funk, got bored and missed being able to rescue a world in trouble. It got to the point where he had to get a taste of glory. In little ways.

He sold life insurance to make money and denying claims was repulsive to him. He’d figure out ways to help little old ladies work around the red tape.

Mr. Incredible is too cool. He’s the first super hero who ever captured my imagination and the first to make me understand that super heroes are all about our dreams of releasing the super powers within ourselves.

We all want to radiate out special skills and powers, our creativity and sparkle.

The whole Incredible family is  especially talented and when they need to fight evil menaces they come together like a well honed machine, each playing their part.

The prices for The Incredibles action figures over at Amazon lead me to believe I’m not the only one who loves them.

Mr. Incredible humungo action figure at Amazon.


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