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If you can think for yourself, are passionate about questioning assumptions and open to a bit of subversion read this book! Here is your chance to have your mind opened if you will allow it.
Gilbert gives herself to the conundrum of commitment as only a very bright questioner of authority could. She gamely challenges her own nagging doubts about the institution of marriage. She explores the twisted route (or roots) of its transformation, and maps its frequent changes over the last few centuries.
If you are perfectly comfortable following the prescribed societal routines, if you are deep-fried in any kind of fundamentalist religious beliefs and opposed to discovering historical context that might rattle your adamantine notions, if you expect this book to sing the praises of the bloated undertaking that is currently assumed to fulfill all a girl’s princess-shaped fantasies, go elsewhere.

That’s the Amazon review I wrote this morning for Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed: A Sceptic Makes Peace with Marriage. I was irritated by reviews obviously written by a.) People who were pissed that this book wasn’t Eat, Pray, Love 2 or b.) jealous academicians who wished they could have gone to Italy,India and Bali, met a beautiful Brazilian man and had to research marriage before doing the deed with their passionate lover.

Come on, haters! Open your hearts. Go buy a buddha at Two Buttons Import meditate, chill. Let go of your anger.

Getting what you want in life does have something to do with surrendering your lame fear-based plans, opening up to what life/god/providence will offer if you can let go of your assumptions, see the real thing and grab it.

LGBT friends, this book is full of good information that may potentially correct the mind of fundamentalist-blind or uninformed anti-gay marriage folks to whom you may be related in some way.

Excerpt from committed after Gilbert has realized people have always created the secreted, loving  unions they need and want  inspite of what the man says in recognizable in the name of the state, law, or religion.

pg. 264 — “It is not we as individuals, then, who must bend uncomfortably around the institution of marriage; rather, it is the institution of marriage that has to bend uncomfortably around us. Because “they” (the-powers-that-be) have never been entirely able to stop “us” (two people). from connecting our lives together and creating a secret world of our own. And so “they” eventually have no choice but to legally permit “us” to marry, in some shape or form, no matter how restrictive their ordinances may appear. The government hops along behind its people, struggling to keep up, desperately and belatedly (and often ineffectually and even comically) creating rules and mores around something we were always going to do anyhow, like it or not.”

Faces, Nearly There

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Last week was dedicated to embroidering facial details for the three Soft Boys I’m working up.

They are: a Whip It era Devo doll, Mark Mothersbaugh is the model; Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger.

Fellow Etsian, myneedlehabit, wrote a while back to let me know that Mick’s eyes are blue, so here he is with blue eyes.

I got Iggy’s lip outline to include that Elvis-like raised lip toothy smile he has. The boy has choppers!

I think it’s actually a feature of his more mature mouth but that is what is stuck in my head and therefore comes out when I do Iggy.

This Iggy picture is from AceShowBiz.

I took photos of the Whip It video to get the sample shots for the Mothersbaugh Devo doll. Still have to make the energy dome. If I can cut the material I’ll be fine.

The bodies are sewn and stuffed.

I couldn’t resist giving the Iggy bod a little man lump. I suppose I should do the same for Mick but I might skip it just to be bratty and faux punish the strutting, cocksure Mick.

I will once again leave him bare-chested with nipples. He’ll have silver pants and a homemade dog collar.

The Whip It Devo doll bod is dressed in black turtleneck and black shorts and shoes.

My Micks are currently sporting a sort of casual French sailor (circa very early 20th Century Coco Channel) outfit.I wanted to avoid the obvious Mick sartorial clichés.

Staying organized is so very important for me to be able to work. I’m one of those people who need every room in the house straightened and relatively tidy before I can do a lick of work. You might think this is a technique of avoidance but it is not. I love this work. ♥

Part of staying organized is to have needed materials on hand. Whatever the goods, while shopping for supplies, I am always seduced my the range of color of any particular item. Embroidery thread comes in so many colors and it it very inexpensive.

I can usually find little packets at my favorite thrift store but I’ll visit the JoAnn store when I need a really specific color I don’t have. I think I’m good for awhile.

Button eyes are a bit difficult. For some reason there is a short supply of blue buttons. I robbed  one of my cotton jackets of its blue buttons for my Iggy doll. Enough for two dolls, I am now out of them. They were the perfect size.

It’s nice to have a specific shopping list, now, while browsing thrift stores. Blue buttons, embroidery thread, flashing material for Ziggy outfits, simple striped jersey shirts for small Mick shirts, stripey tights and scarves  for other dolls. 

Having a purpose makes it a new experience. Recycle, reuse. It’s good.

Chapple Pie

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Chapple pie has returned to the house on Hamilton Street. In this strange summer, so cool, despite a few days of triple digits here and there, it feels like fall today and so right for chapple pie.

The apples came from David and Kevin’s Sebastopol Haven. Homegrown and delicious they were peeled, cut and tossed into a bath of caramel, butter and raw sugar. Not too much, just enough to be naughty. A can of red cherries makes all the difference. The hybrid of Frank’s favorite pie, cherry and my favorite, apple is delicious. We scarfed up half of it soon after it was out of the oven.

It was warm and irresistable.

The crust was store-bought light and sloppy. Just the way I like it.

I’m thinking it would make a good breakfast but first exercycle and yoga. Namaste, y’all.

LA Ink, Implanted Irritant, No Pearl

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Reality TV could be so great. It could be giving us information. It could be teaching us. It could be sharing lives in which the participants are doing good positive, uplifting things. But it’s not.

Reality TV, like soap opera, relies on the most simplistic of dramatic motivation and that is the struggle of binary oppositions. We start out with a fairly calm set up, a group in balance and then we drop in the irritant. There is always at least one person meant to cause trouble, to undo bonds, to stick in one’s craw.

While the grain of sand that makes it way into a clam shell is covered in layers of protective coating which eventually makes a beautiful pearl, me thinks the product of reality TV is not so enchanting. The only value of the irritant in TV is to get viewers to watch. We viewers can’t produce coatings to protect us from the trashy invasion in our heads.

I have managed to watch the first two episodes of LA Ink and I have spotted the irritant or should I say irritants. The biggest one for me in just two shows is definitely Rooftop. What a fucking negative wanna-be ass bite. The nickname undoubtedly comes from some crazy stunt observed by his buds, something involving a rooftop, right? So very teenage bad judgement and so very boring.

He makes fun of Nikki Sixx for speaking lovingly of his and Kat’s romantic getting-together moment.

“That’s sickening. I thought you guys were rock stars,” says Rooftop, the Poison Dwarf.

Dude, I think you have rock starts confused with drunken, dumb-ass, not-even-frat-boys.

The other irritant, over at American Electric is new-girl tattooist, Ruthless. It really disgust me to think LA Ink is going to employ catfight antics between the fine Amy and the paranoically territorial, Ruthless.

Should I be disgusted? Or should I get a grip and realize we have entered the old-timey circus, freak show territory. Wrestling, Roller Derby, Tattoo Bitch Fights — all low brow entertainment. All in fun. If only I could push myself to an ironic, all for giggles place. I mean, really, I need to get with it.

I think if Poison Dwarf, Rooftop, stays on board I will be able to hang in the pits and make appropriately ugly roaring noises. Still, the crude creeps seem to win or at least maintain their equilibrium for far too long in this show. Their divisive presence only squelched at the very last moment. This smacks of some kind of rudimentary dawn-of-film silent movie ploy. Ooh, ahh. That train’s going to run right into us. Run!

As an optimist I keep hoping that story threads will some how lead to the high road even though I know they never will. I really want to see things grow in a positive way but that ain’t the script they are working on LA Ink.

In the real world I already know that Kat and Nikki, attractive, rockin power couple are dissolved. I can’t help but imagine that the poison dwarf  irritant worked its evil magic on that pairing though I know that it’s probably more that Kat von D is just hopelessly self-absorbed and that probably gets real old for the boyfriend. Nikki knows a thing or two about being self-absorbed but he’s pretty cool and very cute and maybe even a little bit smart.

Artists often need to be self-absorbed and to lose themselves in their work but on top of the self-absorption there is a real heavy helping of  brutish bad taste. Why would you befriend a creep like Rooftop or any of those mini- testosteroned mutants Kat seems to enjoy. It must be the modern short-man’s complex. No more Napoleon. They’ll just jump off rooftops and staple their balls to our thighs or whatever crap these brainless crapped -out dorks dream up. I’ll admit that my impression of  the post-modern Jackass-type dudes is not based in real one to one knowledge. Would you hang out with these idiots? I just have to assume that one should never mistake, as I once did, Kat’s ambitious, artistic, rockin’ presentation for wit or intelligence.

And now, dear readers and modern reality soap opera lovers, the icing on this creepy foul cake is this: Kat von D is rumored to be close with and sympathetic to the poor misunderstood Jesse James.

I think she was quoted as saying something like “Anybody can make a mistake.”

This quote from alledged “friends of Kat” from Popeater:

 “Jesse just has this way with women that makes you melt. Plus, Kat feels bad for him. He’s the most hated man in America, after what he did to Sandra, which she finds kind of sexy.” Ewwww!

Why is this shit even in my head??????? The bear baiters have got me. RAAAAAW!

Toys and a Time Stretcher

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I love toys. I find them in the thrift store. I fight the urge to buy but the really whacky cute ones are irresistable. I do have a built-in semi-bullshit justification. I may someday have grandchildren. That’s what I tell myself my eye pulls me toward piles of brightly colored creatures.

“Yes, the grandchildren of the future will love this banged up Krusty!”

“They will love this broken-faced, busted-eye Mr. Incredible, too.”

And they undoubtedly will. I can feel them coming and I think they are saying “make sure you have lots of toys to share.”

I’m working on it.

I am making lovely toys for a living.

Dolls for days! Boys can love dolls. In my future house of granny it will be perfectly acceptable, no, almost required for boys to love dolls.

I am imagining a particularly hound-doggy Gram Parsons doll. I know I want one for my very own, to cuddle and love. He’ll have them eyes that slant slighty downward and that sweet, sad smile.

image from AV Club.                                                                                                                                                            

I know he will win hearts and minds.

I am busy, busy.

Floridian, Luckal00640 bought an Iggy Soft Boy. Thanks, Luckaloo!

Pe0ple like the Soft Boys, they really like them!

One hundred years from this time
Would anybody change their mind
And find out one thing or two about life?

That’s a Gram lyric. Do you think he found out?

I’ve got redheads up in the doll making station which doubles as my little radio listening cafe. It’s where the sunshine is with its corner windows. That’s where I’ve been working.

I’ve got my doll bodies and heads laid out this morning. I’m going to stuff the bods and see which one looks most like a Mick Jagger body and which one seems especially Iggy-like.

I straightened my little shelves and tucked away the Marc Bolan body/head unit. He and Gram are both on my personal to do list.
I’m finishing up the Devo doll for Jordan 3000. It’s looking good and you will see it here soon. I am only slightly intimidated by creating the red plastic stack hat. I can’t think about that now, but it will involve my old friend Mod Podge.

Forever now, Mod Podge will be the scent of creativity. It’s where I started back in the day with my decopaged match boxes.

I did Twiggy, Marilyn Manson, Yogananda, Che.

I am still collecting empty matchboxes. I’ll do it again. I’ve amassed a new mountain of Vanity Fairs which provides my tiny pix.

I sold quite of few of these but still have a few left.

Geez, I digress.

I am up really early to make time for blogging and doll making.

I need to keep my eyes on the sweet creative prize, which, dear hearts, is definitely its own reward. The practice is the destination. The work is meditation and satisfaction.

This blog entry makes it clear that my natural tendency is to recreate the face.

I am a portraitist!

I am feeling a desire to make big papier-mache sculptures, too.

Time, I need to learn to stretch you, to get more out of your measly 24 hours in a day thing.

Can time be pulled long and thin like taffy? I’ll see.

Silent Prayers and Heartfelt Thanks

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This week I’m working on a number of my favorite projects for Etsians.

I am finishing off two lovely fat donut pillows, a joy to create each and every time. These donuts go down under for a repeat Australian buyer, custom chocolate icing with sprinkles.

Thank you Eymael!

 I get to make another Mick Jagger doll.

This Soft Boy will be the first  to Canada. Thank you, Frewfan! 

This morning I found an order for a Big Red Catnip Squid. I’ll be sending this squid duo to Austin, Texas. Thank you, Illustratedink!

I have been uttering a silent prayer this year for work to keep me living on the natch, living free and arty.

Things were kicked things up a notch when Paste Magazine  included a big plush donut in an online piece. Thank you, Paste!

Last week I sent a big pink plush donut and a big maple bar to Ontario, Canada. Thank you Jekjek !

And 4 orange star pillows went to Tallahassee, Florida. Thank you, Kensy!

No thanks would be complete without a big nod to Jordan3000 for his patronage of the DarcyArts  Soft Boy series. Jordan rocks! Thank you.♥

Last winter I lit my devotional candles each morning with a prayer in my heart for the chance to make cute things that bring a smile and a little joy to others.

I wanted to spread the love and I hope I am doing so.

Thanks to every single person who has, through their Etsy purchase, helped me see my little homemade dream coming true. Necessity is the mother of invention.

I’ve been able to care for those I love, tend to their needs and desires, keep a close eye on them each day, while making funny soft sculpture. What could be better?

I hope we learn, as a society here in America to do more small-scale exchanges, to grow, think, live and create and share local knowing that these days, via technology, “local” can be a very big community. Local is in the heart and the intention.

“One world,” said Mr. Marley. Hey, I think I have a new Soft Boy to do.

Muggle for Magic

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I took the Harry Potter Wand Quiz on Facebook this morning after seeing that Frank had done so.

It was a well though out quiz with interesting questions and pleasing results.

My Result: Hazel and Mermaid Hair

You are very intelligent and wise. You are a good writer, and have the spirit of a poet. You are very loyal to those you love, but can appear to be a bit of a snob or know-it-all. Your quirky characteristics (of which you have many) are endearing to your friends but can be irritating to others. You excel at all subjects in school, particularly Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration, and Potions. You will be a member of Ravenclaw House. After leaving Hogwarts, you may seek a career in magical research or may come back to teach at Hogwarts.
Also on Facebook today a friend posted a link to a Boing Boing post:
It put my mind onto a sort of flash vision I had one day while checking my old Toyota into the auto boneyard.
I conceived a place where a traveler might wander in to be replenished — physically, mentally and spiritually–
Comfort Station in which the wandering soul would be able to relax, in a beautiful enchanting environment ( an influence of Harry Potter films), find restorative potions that lifted the spirits in a positive, non Neanderthal, non alcoholic way, and be able to consult an astrologer, a past life, a masseuse, an accupuncturist, etc.
It would be a comfort cave cafe with books to read, lovely foody things, handmade items, herbs, scents, communication devices, conversation pits, music, art,  hearths during cold weather, misty fanned patio areas in warm weather and a view of the stars at night.
Any billionaires out there ready to provide comfort to the masses for a reasonable price. We could charge fees on a sliding scale. 
Each Comfort Station might engender a village. I’m looking forward.

Branding, Homer-Drool Style

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I am admittedly donut obsessed. I do not eat them but I love their simplicity, their roundness, their colorful icing and sprinkles. That is why I make my donuts BIG.

I have a picture of a redheaded Soft Girl adorning the back window of the car just below the DarcyArts/Etsy graphic. I decided I needed some flash for the front.

The pink sprinkled plastic donut on my hood is perfect.  Mini, semi-passive street theater.

You recall my singing the praises of dog toys as an unrecognized source of very interesting creations. Well, this donut is proof of that. I thought I’d take a chance and pop into the PetSmart and there it was.

I’m fighting the urge to make tiny little one inch donuts and glue them all over the wind sheer tail thingy at the back of the car.

It’s all about promotion for DarcyArts — Dolls and Donuts.

Now I need to add a small curly star. I can hang it just inside the back window.

Namaste, fun lovers. ♥

Good Times

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This weekend was magnificent and mellow and heartwarming as Frank and I mingled with dear souls from decades past in San Francisco. We gathered at the farm homestead of Kevin and David. These generous hosts shared their abundance with us and we were grateful and glad.

Go here to see the photos.

The trip was dreamy and Frank and I got to the beach, too.

I communed with my beloved eucalyptus trees. Found a stand of blue gum along  the road to Dillon Beach. Heavenly.

Found a lovely old catholic cemetery with beautiful statues.

It was a cool misty morning. I was delighted to be wearing long pants, a couple of shirts and my Led Zeppelin sweatshirt. So cool.

Is that Saint Christopher with the baby?

There were lovely fauna and flora everywhere.

So many beautiful things to see and smell and remember.

Dillon Beach seemed much more of a town this time and the waterfront was locked up. There was no access.

Frank and I had a great breakfast in the little cafe in Tomales and then drove on to Bodega Bay.

We just had to get to the ocean. It had been a long time.

Great to hear the waves crashing on the shore, to get sand in my shoes and pick up little pieces of driftwood.

They have been placed in our bathroom. We’ll see them everyday and think of the beach.

Frank was so happy to be there.

It was a great morning.

Off to Reunion

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Frank and I will be leaving this afternoon for Sebastopol. We are going to join up with old friends, some we have not seen for decades. This will be an amazing and a moving experience.

It has been dubbed Geezerpalooza.

Ready set go. I’ll be back Monday.