Soft Boy Parade

The Soft Boys are on parade in the DarcyArts Etsy shop. I psychically flinched prior to now about remaking my sweet, dear to my heart prototypes but, dude, it’s my favorite work after Big Donuts. Maybe it’s a tie. It’s just that the donuts are so soft and look like a delicious forbidden food.

I am semi-petrified to think of recreating but My Soft Boys come from a place of love etched in  my heart by music. That makes a big difference. Like Barbra Streisand, I’ll  proudly admit I can never perfectly recreate any one performance.

note: I’m reading a tacky bio of Barbra (Christopher Anderson). I’ll get the Barry Dennen bio next. He actually knew a young Barbra in her formative stage.

I’ve taken care to tell potential buyers that these are prototypes and that I will not be matching them exactly but will be laying each stitch in with lots of love.

Fellow Etsian, myneedlehabit , threw my Mick doll into her wonderful rock n roll inspired treasury.

Myneedlehabit is an embroidery junkie. She takes lovely vintage materials and adds lyrics in her own hand, combining sensibilities and two of my favorite things — words and handcrafted creations. Nice. ♥♥♥


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