Stevie Wonderful

Friday was dedicated to braiding Stevie Wonder’s black fleece hair and dressing the braids with beads of fine 70s colors. It was rather time-consuming work, slow going. 

I was on the fifth or sixth braid when I realized I needed to download Stevie’s Music of My Mind and Talking Book. I hadn’t listened to Talking Book since the mid-nineties. I had found a working 8-track player and a stash of tapes at a thrift store. I was overjoyed to stick Talking Book into the machine and play it through our big stereo speakers.

I must have listened to Music of My Mind a thousand times in the early 70s. Over and over and, each time, the music revealed additional layers of sound.  I know it by heart, every part.

Friday afternoon, while waiting for the Stevie albums to get processed in iTunes, I listened to Hunky Dory and Electric Warrior.  David Bowie and Marc Bolan are coming right up as Soft Boys.  Listening to music helps the work grow more easily, actually the best music moves it along like a like a wild kudzu vine. The Soft Boy dolls project was born of my love of music and the artists who make my favorite sounds.

The iPod was synced and plugged into my cheap WalMart player newly connected to upgraded speakers. Out poured “Love Having You Around.” So, so good. Such a pleasure to have that groove and the masterful singing. I tried not to think about all the young  American-Idol bound dudes and dudesses that  have tried to emulate Wonder’s phrasing with such bad results. I was high on this beautiful, loving spirit funking it up and gifting my ears with this airborne infectious JOY ♥



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