Work Can Be a Blessing

It is a blessing to love one’s work. This week I’ll be finishing my Stevie Wonder doll, finishing David Bowie and if all goes well, starting Joe Strummer with a mohawk.

How could that not be great fun?

I am thankful everyday to be working in my home, surrounded by work materials, light, music and the people I love.

Frank goes back to school mid-month, so I’ll have to get used to less frequent contact, that feeling of knowing he was here 24/7 was nice.

Ah, summer. It will be me and granny’s cat waltzing nonchalantly by his work space hoping to find him there. Together, we’ll sit wishing him home so that we may bask in his affectionate warmth. I am exaggerating but only a little.

David/Ziggy still needs my attention. I’m contemplating replacing the right eye (left in pic) with a button colored with a tinier pupil. I made this one too large trying to get it round.

The hair on this doll has been fun so far. It’s got a way to go before it is just right. I’ll keep the nose simple. A painting I did of a Bowie-esque character was quite trying. I had to paint out the nose three times and still didn’t get it right.

 Ziggy still need’s heavily lipsticked lips to sing all those profound yet silly lyrics.

“Press your space face next to mine, babe.”

I am a David Bowie appreciator but having been surrounded by a gaggle of really rabid Bowie fans, as the generations spilled forth, I love to poke fun at him. I’ll be listening to the Stardust era songs and get hit by a line that is just ludicrous. I repeat it out loud “freak out in a moonage daydream.” Dude. But it’s all good fun and how do I know he didn’t intend a sort of ludicrous tilt to the whole Ziggy project?

Here is a site dedicated to Ziggy Stardust. 

 My daughter Jessica, who will be here in four days, yippee, has suggested I do Soft Boy CSN&Y. That I could do. They are definitely on my short list.

Robyn, I am going to get to you! Soon. When I finally make my Robyn Hitchcock Soft Boy I’m keeping the prototype. I will also knit him an Northern-waters worthy little red devil cap, or crochet him one to be more exact. I can’t knit. 

Robyn Hitchcock is amazing. If you do not know Robyn’s music you are the loser. Get thee to the Museum of Robyn Hitchcock, immediately.


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