Branding, Homer-Drool Style

I am admittedly donut obsessed. I do not eat them but I love their simplicity, their roundness, their colorful icing and sprinkles. That is why I make my donuts BIG.

I have a picture of a redheaded Soft Girl adorning the back window of the car just below the DarcyArts/Etsy graphic. I decided I needed some flash for the front.

The pink sprinkled plastic donut on my hood is perfect.  Mini, semi-passive street theater.

You recall my singing the praises of dog toys as an unrecognized source of very interesting creations. Well, this donut is proof of that. I thought I’d take a chance and pop into the PetSmart and there it was.

I’m fighting the urge to make tiny little one inch donuts and glue them all over the wind sheer tail thingy at the back of the car.

It’s all about promotion for DarcyArts — Dolls and Donuts.

Now I need to add a small curly star. I can hang it just inside the back window.

Namaste, fun lovers. ♥

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