Muggle for Magic

I took the Harry Potter Wand Quiz on Facebook this morning after seeing that Frank had done so.

It was a well though out quiz with interesting questions and pleasing results.

My Result: Hazel and Mermaid Hair

You are very intelligent and wise. You are a good writer, and have the spirit of a poet. You are very loyal to those you love, but can appear to be a bit of a snob or know-it-all. Your quirky characteristics (of which you have many) are endearing to your friends but can be irritating to others. You excel at all subjects in school, particularly Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration, and Potions. You will be a member of Ravenclaw House. After leaving Hogwarts, you may seek a career in magical research or may come back to teach at Hogwarts.
Also on Facebook today a friend posted a link to a Boing Boing post:
It put my mind onto a sort of flash vision I had one day while checking my old Toyota into the auto boneyard.
I conceived a place where a traveler might wander in to be replenished — physically, mentally and spiritually–
Comfort Station in which the wandering soul would be able to relax, in a beautiful enchanting environment ( an influence of Harry Potter films), find restorative potions that lifted the spirits in a positive, non Neanderthal, non alcoholic way, and be able to consult an astrologer, a past life, a masseuse, an accupuncturist, etc.
It would be a comfort cave cafe with books to read, lovely foody things, handmade items, herbs, scents, communication devices, conversation pits, music, art,  hearths during cold weather, misty fanned patio areas in warm weather and a view of the stars at night.
Any billionaires out there ready to provide comfort to the masses for a reasonable price. We could charge fees on a sliding scale. 
Each Comfort Station might engender a village. I’m looking forward.

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