Toys and a Time Stretcher

I love toys. I find them in the thrift store. I fight the urge to buy but the really whacky cute ones are irresistable. I do have a built-in semi-bullshit justification. I may someday have grandchildren. That’s what I tell myself my eye pulls me toward piles of brightly colored creatures.

“Yes, the grandchildren of the future will love this banged up Krusty!”

“They will love this broken-faced, busted-eye Mr. Incredible, too.”

And they undoubtedly will. I can feel them coming and I think they are saying “make sure you have lots of toys to share.”

I’m working on it.

I am making lovely toys for a living.

Dolls for days! Boys can love dolls. In my future house of granny it will be perfectly acceptable, no, almost required for boys to love dolls.

I am imagining a particularly hound-doggy Gram Parsons doll. I know I want one for my very own, to cuddle and love. He’ll have them eyes that slant slighty downward and that sweet, sad smile.

image from AV Club.                                                                                                                                                            

I know he will win hearts and minds.

I am busy, busy.

Floridian, Luckal00640 bought an Iggy Soft Boy. Thanks, Luckaloo!

Pe0ple like the Soft Boys, they really like them!

One hundred years from this time
Would anybody change their mind
And find out one thing or two about life?

That’s a Gram lyric. Do you think he found out?

I’ve got redheads up in the doll making station which doubles as my little radio listening cafe. It’s where the sunshine is with its corner windows. That’s where I’ve been working.

I’ve got my doll bodies and heads laid out this morning. I’m going to stuff the bods and see which one looks most like a Mick Jagger body and which one seems especially Iggy-like.

I straightened my little shelves and tucked away the Marc Bolan body/head unit. He and Gram are both on my personal to do list.
I’m finishing up the Devo doll for Jordan 3000. It’s looking good and you will see it here soon. I am only slightly intimidated by creating the red plastic stack hat. I can’t think about that now, but it will involve my old friend Mod Podge.

Forever now, Mod Podge will be the scent of creativity. It’s where I started back in the day with my decopaged match boxes.

I did Twiggy, Marilyn Manson, Yogananda, Che.

I am still collecting empty matchboxes. I’ll do it again. I’ve amassed a new mountain of Vanity Fairs which provides my tiny pix.

I sold quite of few of these but still have a few left.

Geez, I digress.

I am up really early to make time for blogging and doll making.

I need to keep my eyes on the sweet creative prize, which, dear hearts, is definitely its own reward. The practice is the destination. The work is meditation and satisfaction.

This blog entry makes it clear that my natural tendency is to recreate the face.

I am a portraitist!

I am feeling a desire to make big papier-mache sculptures, too.

Time, I need to learn to stretch you, to get more out of your measly 24 hours in a day thing.

Can time be pulled long and thin like taffy? I’ll see.


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  1. These are so cool!

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