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Wolf Doll, Mushrooms and Mayans

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Work is well underway on the special request for a wolf doll. I’ve been slowly feeling my way through this one. Here is my image:

It’s from a music album. It’s pretty cool.

The assembled wolf parts look pretty flat, as if the wolf had been run over but soon he will have personality.

He needs a few teeth, eyes, or sunglass circles. I think I will put darker centers in the ears.

I have to stuff his arms, make hands and feet and sew them on.

He will have the clothes you see in the image or at least as close as I can come to recreating them.

I mat need to sew the mouth a bit more closed. It’s flaring out a bit too much.

I’ll be done soon.

I’ve added a string of LED faery lights to the work space.

They are much brighter than I expected them to be.

My very favorite kitchen night lights, a string of lights covered with fat plastic flower covers, finally died. They lasted for an unbeliveably long time, probably five or six years.

I over-stirred my morning mate and broke the Morning Thunder tea bag. These Celestial Seasoning bags are very durable.  My mistake was adding the Mexicano table cream before I heated the tea. It separates, the cream that is, if you get it too hot, I stirred violently to break up the separated clots and this is the slop I created.

I did drink it. It tastes good it just looks bad.

The mushrooms I picked Monday are drying in the morning light. They will not be eaten. They are just for studying.

The straight rows of the underlining of the caps has squiggled up as it dried.


I will learn the name of all the parts of the mushrooms when I read this handy book. My fascination with mushrooms need to be fed with real facts.

Mayan art and culture are very interesting, too. They have mushroom figures that were born of their exploration of the magic mushroom that grew in their environment.

Very cool and probably helped the mayan tripper/shaman get to the place you see depicted in the last two images on this previous post.

Mad. Mad. Mad. Very scary kids.

Here are a couple of stamps I carved after spending some time looking at Mayan images.

Mushroom Nibblers

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Who is nibbling the mushrooms? Is this why the squirrels behave so strangely some times?

I noticed the first fat head this weekend. A white dome. This morning there were half a dozen.

I like mushrooms. I think they are attractive and a bit mysterious. I should buy a book of  mushrooms and demystify them a bit.

Mushroom lore is pretty interesting and then there is the possibility that some may give you a glimpse into the nature of the world and some may kill you.

I have never seen these round spikey type of fungi in our yard before. They are a very pale green, hard to see in this picture.

It looks as though holes were drilled in the spikey domes, Birds?

These pale green mushrooms are growing in a thicket of fallen pine needles.

They know what they like.

It looks like these are hollow inside.

I am fascinated by vegetation and I could happily wander in a cool Redwood forest or a eucalyptus grove and not want for a thing.

I am a Californio chil’.

Terence McKenna’s mushroom theories are fascinating.

Check out the Terence McKenna quotes at GoodReads.

“Only psychos and shamans create their own reality,”  said Terence McKenna.

Purple Martinis

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I stole some time Wednesday to rearrange the candles in my fireplace.

I found a couple of lovely lavender martini glasses at a new thrift/furniture store and a trio of nice beige candles at grocery outlet.

The whole new arrangements is on a purple theme — purple candles, purple labels on the funky little soda, kombucha bottles, the tiny martini glasses. There is a touch of red and white, blue glass made by Frank ♥

All these colors are found in the faery figure Frank gave me a few years back. She’s the centerpiece.

If you look closely at the picture here with the most darkness you will see that it is actually Frank from the back as he looks at the fireplace. You can see the light coming through his hair and can just distinguish his right arm. The photo is kind of cool and was taken very early in this morning. I love this world we have created.




Purple Martinis is a cool sounding name. We don’t drink alcohol but I’m imagining a potion made of vitamin B rich blueberry juice and spiked with magic mushroom tea. The Enchanter. It makes me think of Aldous Huxley and friends sitting around my fireplace one early morning or late evening, drinking purple Enchanters out of tiny repurposed martini glasses waiting for the doors of perception to open. Eventually all the cells and molecules of the material world would dance and whirl and sparkle like the cosmic glitter it really is.



Purple Candles and the Starry Dynamo

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It is usually dark when I get up. In the cool weather I light candles to brighten the space a little and to remember my connection to the starry dynamo.

Yes. I am burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the stilled machinery of  black morning.

Thank you for your brilliant, bodhisattva spirit, Allen Ginsberg.

There was a time when Allen Ginsberg was everywhere, always with the hipsters, as generations passed, and children bloomed into ecstatic, hopeful adults. I miss his curly-haired, bespectacled physical presence though I don’t feel that he is really gone.

I gave this fabulous plant, rescued from the lunchroom at Record Searchlight, a bigger pot. It has done so well since coming to Hamilton Street. It’s little gnome buddies keep it company. It’s in my main work space, where the southern light shines in the windows.

This plant is completely agreeable and asks for very little, unlike some other plants I know.

It’s time to go to the workspace but I linger a bit.

I stayed up late last night sewing a donut and squiddies and watching Flipping Out and The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo.

I am way too caught up in the soft Virgo drama of Rachel Zoe’s life. Balance, Rache, balance. You’ve blossomed in the outer world. Now you need grow a bigger heart emotionally. Babies will do that. Don’t miss out. Listen to Rodger, honey. 

If I’m not careful this will become an advice blog for “Reality” TV stars that I do not know in real life. That would be sad.

I did have a moment of  inspiration this morning. I was enchanted by a sort of creepy YouTube video of  David Bowie at Andy Warhol’s Factory. David is way dorky, trying too hard to be odd, and wanting, oh, so badly to be noticed by Andy. He fails.

I would like to make a set of dolls from these images. I confess, I have an imaginary love/hate relationship with David.

Monster Collection

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Wanted to share this lovely photo from Etsian Bieniestar.

My first Kawaii Star and Donut are in this pile of cute!

Yippee! ♥ ♥ ♥♥

Happy Cats!

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I told you all a story last week about a snatched box of fresh catnip squiddies. It went down in Austin, Texas. All is well. Etsian IllustratedInk has made her kitties very happy with the DarcyArts cat toys.

Check it out, people. Here’s what IllustratedInk had to say:

“The squids arrived today, and my kitties are in love! They have been playing with them for the last 20 minutes! 😀 The craftsmanship on these is awesome, and the catnip is so fresh. My first package was stolen off my porch (possibly by a wild cat!), so I ordered another one. Connie is such a great seller, she sent me an extra squid to replace the one that was taken (and she wasn’t even responsible for what happened). What a lovely buying experience, and it makes me happy to see my fur babies enjoying their new squids so much! Thank you, I will definitely return in the future for more cat toys!”

This is a great looking cat. ♥

Black with Orange Skulls

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Halloween Donuts part two accomplished this weekend.

Here is the Black icing, orange skull bead Halloween Donut. I even managed to catch a black looking black in the photos. I usually have a problem with black and my technical photo knowledge is insufficient to solve that problem.

The photo of the skull bead shows what usually happens when I shoot black fleece.

The light does strange things and it reads as gray.

I got the cool orange skull beads at my favorite place — the Beadman. For the whole decade and a half that I have been in Redding the Beadman has been an oasis of cool. Thank you, Beadman. They don’t have their own website but you can find my review on Yelp.

I have used little orange beads with the larger skull beads. It looks pretty good.

I was thinking of making little white ghosts but I may just get to work on doll bodies that need to be sewed.

I received notification a few days ago that the Renegade Craft show in San Francisco is open for application.

I have a question, Renegade. Why is the SF show so late in the holiday season? Dec. 18 and 19 is too late.

It should me renamed Renegade Procrastinator craft event. It might be cool but with the big fee I feel it’s kind of a gamble to count on buyers who have not done gift shopping with five days left until Christmas. Hanukkah will have been over for 10 days by the time this show gets going.

Why do all the regionals have to be on different dates? So the same makers can to each show? Why have regional shows then? Seems like they could figure out a better way.

Okay, end of bitch fest. Namaste, Renegade.