Devo Doll

An old friend drove his mustang down the 5 freeway, from Santa Maria, then a small cowboy, barbecue town, to Orange County. He listened to Devo’s Freedom of Choice all the way.

The whole time making the custom Devo “Whip It” era doll I thought of Doug Nunez. He loved that album.

I loved it, too. Tell it like it is, Devo dudes.

Mark Mothersbaugh is still busy making art and sound.

He did the music for one of my favorite cartoons — Rugrats.

Mothersbaugh is an artist. Dig Mutato.

It was extremely weird doing a Soft Boy with short hair. My fairly flat-headed doll style benefits from full hair. There will plenty of that as I finish the second Mick and Iggy dolls orders.

It’s all good because I truly believe that when a problem comes along you must whip it.

3-D problem solving done here.


5 Responses to “Devo Doll”

  1. I think your work is brilliant! Ever thought of doing Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley… or dare I say David Lee Roth or Eddie Van Halen? Would so buy one those dolls for my son (whose 12)! You could have a lot of fun with the likes of Lady Gaga etc. too LOL! Artists need to have a doll done by you to say they have truly made it! Will be ordering the giant pink Homer donut as soon as funds will allow. Just love it all! Ally

  2. Thank you, Ally! ♥ My mind is filled with future Soft Boys. I will definitely get around to Jimi and Bob. David Lee Roth would allow me to do long blonde hair and spandex! Even though they parted ways I would love to make a set of Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli.
    We call the diva, Gagalina around here. Definitely need to enshrine the fabulous women artists who also fill my head. Come on, Soft Girls. I need to bend time.

  3. This looks so much like Mark, it’s scary! You crack me up; this (and all your stuff) is brilliant!

  4. High Praise! Thanks and keep on working those good sounds.

  5. These dolls are awesome!
    I snagged a pic from this post to use in a post I’m putting up tomorrow. I made sure to link back here, so you should come by and visit:

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