Backside of the Face

It’s down to the Iggy on the Soft Boy orders I have been creating over the last two weeks. I had three going simultaneously. Today I give Iggy hair, my favorite thing — big hair. Iggy also gets nipples. They are like little pink flowers.

When embroidering the Soft Boy faces an interesting effect comes out on the other side of the cloth.

Here is the back of Mick’s face. I love the man in the moon look to the faces before they are sewn into the head.

The back of eyes are a trip. I like the little dots and dashes.

 I think it’s giving me ideas for some Halloween doll details. I noticed some pretty cute mildly scary button eyed spooky girl dolls at Target this week. I may go there this morning and get pix. I’ll post them here so check back.

Time to get to work. I’d like to have all the dolls out in Tuesdays mail.  Monday is a holiday.

Devo Mothersbaugh and Krusty:


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