Dolls for Days

The DarcyArts studio was a busy hive as this solo bee finished three dolls over the last two weeks. The Mark Mothersbaugh custom for Jordan3000 was first. Then I received two more Soft Boy orders. Happy, happy. Joy, joy!

First a Mick doll:

This one with blue eyes. Dashing, pouty, eh?

And then an Iggy:

Nips and all.

Mick is off to Calgary, Iggy to Florida.

I am so very stoked to be able to share my handicraft with you all outside this hive.

Each Soft Boy is a unique creation for their owners. That’s cool, too. I am fantasizing about all the Soft Boy owners gathered in a meet and greet. They could discuss the similarities and the differences in their Boys and I hope some day, Girls.

Joni Mitchell, Joan Jett, the GTOs, Grace Slick, Janis, the women of Fanny (old school, Google it), L7, the mighty Mia Zapata. Hell’ I might be inspired to make a beautiful raw angel dia de los muertos Soft girl of Mia real soon con ojos, hermosa.

So many girls to do, so little time. I am streeeeetching it.

Dear Frank has got a chit in for the Gagalina. The costume would be fun, perhaps difficult to settle on.

I prefer the slightly heavier, healthier Lady Gaga. She was a powerhouse.

Gillian Welch (and Dave Rawlings, so cute, a lanky duo), Exene Cervenka!!! I’d love to make her a funky little ol’ house dress and bracelets and “a noose of charms around her neck.” How far behind is John Doe? Shirtless with his noose of charms and his beautiful bass guitar?

I could go on for days and days imagining rock dolls.

David Bowie/Ziggy is next up.

Oh, hey, here are the mass market fake-button eyed dolls I told you about. I found them on the shelves at Target.

Undeniably cute. These mass production cloth dolls are for children. My Soft Boys and Girls are for Big Kids.

Yarn hair and button eyes. I have one of those.

She’s not very scary.

Among the Target dolls there are hard plastic dolls of the Bratz variety for the tweeners. They are like alterna Barbies in the fake-cheap imitation Tim Burton, dark ghoul vein.

Here are a couple of ad cards from the shelves.


4 Responses to “Dolls for Days”

  1. my friend told me today that she planned on being freida khalo for halloween. i will forward pictures!

  2. I imagining the surreal thril of turning a corner and encountering a whole flock of Friidas. That would be a rush. Yes, photos. Frida lives.

  3. love your dolls! check out my new project. love to know what you think!

  4. Delanie — love that name– Keep going. That’s how we practice our craft.

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