Boa Bowie Doll

Ah, here are the things in my work space that caught my eye this morning in the mild light.

I took special pleasure in this red, sparkly star as I rode the exercycle in the adjacent laundry room. I pulled the bike inside this week because it’s mostly been very cool, very early in the morning. Not the best thing for the muscles.

I have some super keen vacuuming in my future as I prepare an alternate indoor space for yoga.

These mild summer days were fantastic out on the lawn. September brings change.

I’m finishing A Ziggy/Bowie head this weekend.

I’ve got to embroider the nose elements and get the hair shaped up in the mullet precursor do.

Yes, folks, the hairdresser that gave that cut to Bowie started it all.

Read a little about Suzi Fussey over at the Ziggy Stardust Companion.

I  learned she married Mick Ronson. Yummy.

I am using this picture for the second Ziggyesque David I make and His the inspiration for the first David’s costume:

I’m definitely dipping into the pink eyeshadow. Now, where can I find a small aqua boa?


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