Ziggy Stardust Soft Boy

 I started my Ziggy era Bowie weeks ago.  I had to take a break from the Ziggy to meet requests to create a Devo Doll (the first one is reserved for Jordan but I can make you another), a couple of donuts, a star pillow, an Iggy patch and a couple of replacement red catnip squids. I’ve been happily distracted by lots of work.

This week had been largely dedicated to finishing the Bowie.

I’ve given him my favorite forehead space disk and  big odd blue eyes, pink makeup and the Suzi Fussey haircut that launched 1,000,000,000  mullets.

The hot pink boa and the vintage 70s glitter knit were lucky finds. All is flowing in the creative heavens.

I’ve used fleece and stiff yarn to get the rooster cut just right. Haircuts need to conform to the semi-flat Soft Boy heads. 

I love the brightness of this Ziggy doll.

I have just enough of the vintage glitter knit to create one more of my Ziggy’s with this drag. Then we’ll be on to another outfit.


One Response to “Ziggy Stardust Soft Boy”

  1. Can I have one, please? I love it

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