Black and Orange Creeping In

I think I might get into the old trad spooky swing of the coming holiday season. I love autumn colors and Halloween is the capper of Autumnal harvest festivity.

I was moved to do Halloweenie Big Plush Donuts. I love orange so I started there. It’s low-key high contrast and I do like the look. 

In the next few days I’ll do donuts with black icing and really cool orange skull beads, some with white little ghosties and or skulls hand cut from fleece pieces. The iconic black arched-back cat would look good on the orange. Maybe I’ll get to it.

I’m super stoked to have plenty of work, orders to fill and a head full of ideas. All you folks out there keep adding great touches to my creations with your requests. It is a great symbiosis.

This morning is all about stuffing big plush squid with the organic catnip I’ve grown in the garden all summer.

I am still harvesting bags full of fresh catnip and it drives the kitties wild. The plushie toys are plenty big for kitty to really wrestle with and adoringly rub their kitty heads all over.

I believe we recently had an incident of kitty thieving. A package I sent to Austin, with two red catnip squiddies was snatched off a porch before the buyer had a chance to get home and claim it.  The morning I took that box to the post office I noticed the two folds on the bottom of the box didn’t quite meet. There was a gap between the pieces. I had taped it securely but you could really smell the aroma of the fresh kitty-tempting herb.

“It’s a good thing there are no cats in this building,” I said to the clerk. “They’d be all over this box.”

Most people who leave feedback on their catnip squid orders tell me their felines are all over the box the minute it enters the house. That’s what I call success.


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