Happy Cats!

I told you all a story last week about a snatched box of fresh catnip squiddies. It went down in Austin, Texas. All is well. Etsian IllustratedInk has made her kitties very happy with the DarcyArts cat toys.

Check it out, people. Here’s what IllustratedInk had to say:

“The squids arrived today, and my kitties are in love! They have been playing with them for the last 20 minutes! 😀 The craftsmanship on these is awesome, and the catnip is so fresh. My first package was stolen off my porch (possibly by a wild cat!), so I ordered another one. Connie is such a great seller, she sent me an extra squid to replace the one that was taken (and she wasn’t even responsible for what happened). What a lovely buying experience, and it makes me happy to see my fur babies enjoying their new squids so much! Thank you, I will definitely return in the future for more cat toys!”

This is a great looking cat. ♥


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