Purple Candles and the Starry Dynamo

It is usually dark when I get up. In the cool weather I light candles to brighten the space a little and to remember my connection to the starry dynamo.

Yes. I am burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the stilled machinery of  black morning.

Thank you for your brilliant, bodhisattva spirit, Allen Ginsberg.

There was a time when Allen Ginsberg was everywhere, always with the hipsters, as generations passed, and children bloomed into ecstatic, hopeful adults. I miss his curly-haired, bespectacled physical presence though I don’t feel that he is really gone.

I gave this fabulous plant, rescued from the lunchroom at Record Searchlight, a bigger pot. It has done so well since coming to Hamilton Street. It’s little gnome buddies keep it company. It’s in my main work space, where the southern light shines in the windows.

This plant is completely agreeable and asks for very little, unlike some other plants I know.

It’s time to go to the workspace but I linger a bit.

I stayed up late last night sewing a donut and squiddies and watching Flipping Out and The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo.

I am way too caught up in the soft Virgo drama of Rachel Zoe’s life. Balance, Rache, balance. You’ve blossomed in the outer world. Now you need grow a bigger heart emotionally. Babies will do that. Don’t miss out. Listen to Rodger, honey. 

If I’m not careful this will become an advice blog for “Reality” TV stars that I do not know in real life. That would be sad.

I did have a moment of  inspiration this morning. I was enchanted by a sort of creepy YouTube video of  David Bowie at Andy Warhol’s Factory. David is way dorky, trying too hard to be odd, and wanting, oh, so badly to be noticed by Andy. He fails.

I would like to make a set of dolls from these images. I confess, I have an imaginary love/hate relationship with David.


3 Responses to “Purple Candles and the Starry Dynamo”

  1. Fantastic blog today!!!! I love the candles, and your thoughts about Allen Ginsberg.

    Back in 1990 when I was in college, he came to do a reading at a small theater on campus. I had a ticket, but a bunch of my friends didn’t, and so I hung around outside with them talking until the reading was supposed to start. About 10 minutes before showtime, Allen walked out and straight over to our group. “I heard that a bunch of people were out here because there were no more tickets!” he said. “Yeah…” a bunch of people murmured. “I’m going to do a reading out here for you guys right now,” Allen said, and went over to stand on a bench. “I really appreciate your coming out here tonight, and I’m really sorry there weren’t enough tickets.” He read a couple of poems from his new book, and then he recited several poems by heart. Everyone outside was thrilled, and amazed that he’d cared that much.

    Even back then, most people didn’t do that kind of thing, and it really stood out and spoke so much about who Allen Ginsberg really was…IS. I never have felt he is gone, either!

    Also…ditto on the Rachel Zoe Project…I am caught up in that show too. 🙂

    Last of all, I’d never seen that video of Bowie; thanks for posting! It’s oddly comforting to see him trying so hard! Also fascinating to think of all that lay ahead of him back then. 🙂

  2. Ah, such rich things to share!! ♥

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