Purple Martinis

I stole some time Wednesday to rearrange the candles in my fireplace.

I found a couple of lovely lavender martini glasses at a new thrift/furniture store and a trio of nice beige candles at grocery outlet.

The whole new arrangements is on a purple theme — purple candles, purple labels on the funky little soda, kombucha bottles, the tiny martini glasses. There is a touch of red and white, blue glass made by Frank ♥

All these colors are found in the faery figure Frank gave me a few years back. She’s the centerpiece.

If you look closely at the picture here with the most darkness you will see that it is actually Frank from the back as he looks at the fireplace. You can see the light coming through his hair and can just distinguish his right arm. The photo is kind of cool and was taken very early in this morning. I love this world we have created.




Purple Martinis is a cool sounding name. We don’t drink alcohol but I’m imagining a potion made of vitamin B rich blueberry juice and spiked with magic mushroom tea. The Enchanter. It makes me think of Aldous Huxley and friends sitting around my fireplace one early morning or late evening, drinking purple Enchanters out of tiny repurposed martini glasses waiting for the doors of perception to open. Eventually all the cells and molecules of the material world would dance and whirl and sparkle like the cosmic glitter it really is.




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