Mushroom Nibblers

Who is nibbling the mushrooms? Is this why the squirrels behave so strangely some times?

I noticed the first fat head this weekend. A white dome. This morning there were half a dozen.

I like mushrooms. I think they are attractive and a bit mysterious. I should buy a book of  mushrooms and demystify them a bit.

Mushroom lore is pretty interesting and then there is the possibility that some may give you a glimpse into the nature of the world and some may kill you.

I have never seen these round spikey type of fungi in our yard before. They are a very pale green, hard to see in this picture.

It looks as though holes were drilled in the spikey domes, Birds?

These pale green mushrooms are growing in a thicket of fallen pine needles.

They know what they like.

It looks like these are hollow inside.

I am fascinated by vegetation and I could happily wander in a cool Redwood forest or a eucalyptus grove and not want for a thing.

I am a Californio chil’.

Terence McKenna’s mushroom theories are fascinating.

Check out the Terence McKenna quotes at GoodReads.

“Only psychos and shamans create their own reality,”  said Terence McKenna.


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