Wolf Doll, Mushrooms and Mayans

Work is well underway on the special request for a wolf doll. I’ve been slowly feeling my way through this one. Here is my image:

It’s from a music album. It’s pretty cool.

The assembled wolf parts look pretty flat, as if the wolf had been run over but soon he will have personality.

He needs a few teeth, eyes, or sunglass circles. I think I will put darker centers in the ears.

I have to stuff his arms, make hands and feet and sew them on.

He will have the clothes you see in the image or at least as close as I can come to recreating them.

I mat need to sew the mouth a bit more closed. It’s flaring out a bit too much.

I’ll be done soon.

I’ve added a string of LED faery lights to the work space.

They are much brighter than I expected them to be.

My very favorite kitchen night lights, a string of lights covered with fat plastic flower covers, finally died. They lasted for an unbeliveably long time, probably five or six years.

I over-stirred my morning mate and broke the Morning Thunder tea bag. These Celestial Seasoning bags are very durable.  My mistake was adding the Mexicano table cream before I heated the tea. It separates, the cream that is, if you get it too hot, I stirred violently to break up the separated clots and this is the slop I created.

I did drink it. It tastes good it just looks bad.

The mushrooms I picked Monday are drying in the morning light. They will not be eaten. They are just for studying.

The straight rows of the underlining of the caps has squiggled up as it dried.


I will learn the name of all the parts of the mushrooms when I read this handy book. My fascination with mushrooms need to be fed with real facts.

Mayan art and culture are very interesting, too. They have mushroom figures that were born of their exploration of the magic mushroom that grew in their environment.

Very cool and probably helped the mayan tripper/shaman get to the place you see depicted in the last two images on this previous post.

Mad. Mad. Mad. Very scary kids.

Here are a couple of stamps I carved after spending some time looking at Mayan images.


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