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Donuts for Days

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Ad sheets for Bed, Bath and Beyond feature a baking container that allows one to create Giant Donuts!

I bet they sell a few of these. There are also containers that make Giant Oreo-style cakes and giant cupcakes.

Here is one of my first donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles.

This weekend I made a custom plain double chocolate donut.

I used a double layer of the darker brown fleece to give the “icing” some height.

I sure came out nice and smooth looking.

I have the big double chocolate donut up at DarcyArts now.

I have to go mail the original custom order to Etsian Jessica82. It’s off to Toronto, a wonderful place to have a DarcyArts donut.

I will try to remind myself that big inedible donuts are good little edible donuts are bad, no matter how delicious and chocolatey they are. I will not believe the voices in my head that tell me that a chocolate croissant is a less dangerous substitute.

I will stay away from all bakeries. I will. I will.

Small Stars in Cotton

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My first batch of small curly stars, made in the lovely cotton cloth chosen by Etsian Scootercrafty, are finished.

Here they are without their Kawaii faces. I really like the pattern on the material. It has soft curl patterns so perfect for the star design.

Here they are with their little eyes and mouths.

I was a bit afraid to work with non-stretchy cloth but it worked out just fine.

I may make more of these out of some nice patterned material I have ferreted away in cabinets around the DarcyArts studios.

I’m happy with these lil’ critters.

Crunchy Jones and Coconuts

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My stab at adhering to the Paleo diet is not going well. My common sense wants to squash it. I don’t eat red meat or pork. Love chickens and tuna and salmon. Love vegetables but dang, it will soon be way post-harvest, no more local veggies. Practicality is whispering in my ear — “too expensive.”

I have a monster crunchy jones snarling inside me. No more toast, no cookies, no crackers. Substitute vegetable chips, yes. I need that crunch.

My first Paleo-related trip to the health food store in search of substitutes ended in a $50 tab for six items. The almond “flour” made mealy morning biscuits, just as you might imagine. Between the gritty almond flour and some ground coconut stuff the texture was sort of like tough suspended cream of wheat or, better yet stiff grits. The blue berries are the best part of those poor, poor excuses for a scone substitutes.

Like everything else one needs the know how, the knowledge to cook with unfamiliar ingredients.

I do not possess that knowledge. I’m always  faking my way through cooking this or that. Sometimes with good results.

I’ll admit I’m a starch addict. I drink tea every morning and I need starch to mellow out the tannins.

I know I have trouble digesting most grains and beans. I can live without them, maybe. I love bread, but what’s bread without butter? I’m not sure I can live without cheese.

I am telling myself that I can make up my own diet and that I will exercise self-control and handle my lust for bread and cheese.

I’m doing pretty good on the bread but cheese, little bits — sharp cheddar pub cheese and a bit of swiss in an omelette — have been my anti-Paleo sins. Oh, and I bought low-fat sour cream because I started making banana omelettes (they are delicious with coconut milk added to the eggs). A banana omelette needs a bit of sour cream tucked inside.

It’s not easy to resist these simple, long cherished comforts of life, especially with this kind of naughty bread porn. Thanks,  bread-baking wonder of Tartine .

Watch this Chad Robertson bread making video posted over at My Kitchen Table and tell me you aren’t wiping the tears from your eyes, the drool from your lips and racing to your bread maker directly afterward.

Check out the Tartine bread pudding recipe over at Daily Candy.

I stubbornly refuse to believe that rice is bad. I found a list on a gluten-free site for Celiac disease that included Jasmine rice and Japanese sweet rice. I will not feel guilty for my rice pudding made with coconut milk. Well, maybe a little.

I’ve ditched the non dairy creamer, and cream itself in my teas. Substitute –> coconut milk. I paid oodles for tiny pints of coconut based ice creams.

I think it all must be fattening. But the fat is supposed to be a good fat, a body friendly fat, healthy, beneficial, curative even.

I beginning to suspect it might be too much and fully expect to wake up one morning to find I have turned into a brown fuzzy coconut. If I loose my self-control it might get ugly. Thank the gods and goddesses that Tartine is four hours away.

Apple, Snail, Frog

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An apple cut horizontally reveals a pretty little star.  The apple looked especially nice on this orange trivet.

The star points are highlighted by a circle of little dots.

Nature is my favorite artist.

We humans are driven to stitch together pretty little things.

I have put up a pair of embroidered works in the DarcyArts shop.

These little vintage wall hangings have all a very 70s sensibility. The avocado, orange, yellow, beige colors and the homegrown, hand sewn beauty. The ever popular mushroom form is found in these dainty nature portraits.

One piece has a snail.

One piece has a tiny frog.

I love these pretty embroideries and secretly hope they don’t get chosen from the goodies in my shop.

I can’t keep every lovely think I find. Can I?

Happy Cat!

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Ah, let me share the pleasure of evidence of another satisfied feline.

Etsian plmoses10 shared these fabulous pix of his Kitty, Demi (love that name for a pretty black cat) getting familiar with the DarcyArts Giant Red Catnip Squid.

That squid is in serious trouble. Get ’em kitty.

The wise crafter, as well as the wise feline, makes use of every scrap.

Demi is going for the big squid.

It looks as though she has toyed with the mini-squid and then moved on.

I like the colors here. Black, white and a burst of red.

Doesn’t it make you feel good?

Good work, Girl.

Mick 3

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I finished my third Mick Jagger doll all except for the scarf. I’m waiting to hear from the uncle who will give this Soft Boy to his 4-year-old niece. I want to make the scarf in her favorite color.

Mick is fun to do. His lips are time-consuming but it’s so worth it.

The 4 year old who will receive this doll loved the one her uncle had.

She said she knew she loved him because he had lipstick on.

That is glam.

This Mick has a hip belt of faux leather with a real leather lace.

I may make him sockies to match the scarf when I find out what color to use.

This Mick’s hair is pretty wild.

I gave him darker eyebrows, too.

I’m thinking on the next Mick I may use pasted on fleece eyebrows.

My little redheaded alterego wanted to have her picture taken with Mick 3 before he goes to New Jersey. I should definitely put this on Facebook.

Frank and I pigged out on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of DC yesterday. The episode where the Salahis crash the White House dinner and take pictures of themselves with D.C. stars as if they were posing with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy at Disneyland. So crazy. People whore-out for fame. Why? Who want’s attention when it can go so bad? Fame = Loss of Freedom. Boo.

Ask Mick. He knows the drawbacks.

Red Trees

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I’m working them. I really love seeing them.

These were inspired by the graphic design of the Powerpuff Girls. Their red trees against a black nightscape are so enchanting.

My head is full of wonderful arboreal soft sculpture.

I long to hang them on a white wall. First, I’ll have to clear one. Then I’ll do a photo shoot of the red trees as wall decor. Maybe I’ll make shrubs, too.

I must vow not to get carried away. I must also tell myself to keep it simple.

I tend to get carried away by my ideas.

The fall weather has been fantastic. cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoon. I’ve managed to get a lot done because the car is being repaired. I have not had to drive anywhere for two whole days. I expect that will end today.

It’s been great to be house-bound, just the work and my new Paleo-food regime. It’s a good thing I like coconuts and vegetables.

I think I had a Thai past life. Thai food always seems fresh and so very healthy. Redding’s Racha Noodle ( 2630 S. Market Street) rocks and so does their satellite shop 5 Thais which occupies the old TCBY frozen yogurt compound on Dana Drive.

Now, off to work.