Cramps, MotieFoties!

While scrolling through Facebook this morning I noticed writer, Brad Whipp’s mention of the death early last year of Lux Interior. What a tragedy.

I was struck, lighting-bolt like, with the renewed desire to make a set of Lux Interior and Poison Ivy dolls and damn it I’m determined to do so.

The season is so right for a pair of outlaw psychobilly rockers to be recreated in cloth.

Let me say this right now. The Cramps are much more than a Halloween treat. I love their music a lot.

And ain’t it always time to enshrine LOVE? What a couple. Here is a great photo, the one I will use as a guide in creating a doll duo.


This is a smashing photo that I found over at the Charlestown City Paper.

Dig it!

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