Red Trees

I’m working them. I really love seeing them.

These were inspired by the graphic design of the Powerpuff Girls. Their red trees against a black nightscape are so enchanting.

My head is full of wonderful arboreal soft sculpture.

I long to hang them on a white wall. First, I’ll have to clear one. Then I’ll do a photo shoot of the red trees as wall decor. Maybe I’ll make shrubs, too.

I must vow not to get carried away. I must also tell myself to keep it simple.

I tend to get carried away by my ideas.

The fall weather has been fantastic. cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoon. I’ve managed to get a lot done because the car is being repaired. I have not had to drive anywhere for two whole days. I expect that will end today.

It’s been great to be house-bound, just the work and my new Paleo-food regime. It’s a good thing I like coconuts and vegetables.

I think I had a Thai past life. Thai food always seems fresh and so very healthy. Redding’s Racha Noodle ( 2630 S. Market Street) rocks and so does their satellite shop 5 Thais which occupies the old TCBY frozen yogurt compound on Dana Drive.

Now, off to work.


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