Apple, Snail, Frog

An apple cut horizontally reveals a pretty little star.  The apple looked especially nice on this orange trivet.

The star points are highlighted by a circle of little dots.

Nature is my favorite artist.

We humans are driven to stitch together pretty little things.

I have put up a pair of embroidered works in the DarcyArts shop.

These little vintage wall hangings have all a very 70s sensibility. The avocado, orange, yellow, beige colors and the homegrown, hand sewn beauty. The ever popular mushroom form is found in these dainty nature portraits.

One piece has a snail.

One piece has a tiny frog.

I love these pretty embroideries and secretly hope they don’t get chosen from the goodies in my shop.

I can’t keep every lovely think I find. Can I?


2 Responses to “Apple, Snail, Frog”

  1. I love the mushroom pictures! The colours are SO Seventies!! (Unfortunately, I’m old enough to remember making things like this myself)

  2. Me, too, Janet. I. still love those colors.

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