Donuts for Days

Ad sheets for Bed, Bath and Beyond feature a baking container that allows one to create Giant Donuts!

I bet they sell a few of these. There are also containers that make Giant Oreo-style cakes and giant cupcakes.

Here is one of my first donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles.

This weekend I made a custom plain double chocolate donut.

I used a double layer of the darker brown fleece to give the “icing” some height.

I sure came out nice and smooth looking.

I have the big double chocolate donut up at DarcyArts now.

I have to go mail the original custom order to Etsian Jessica82. It’s off to Toronto, a wonderful place to have a DarcyArts donut.

I will try to remind myself that big inedible donuts are good little edible donuts are bad, no matter how delicious and chocolatey they are. I will not believe the voices in my head that tell me that a chocolate croissant is a less dangerous substitute.

I will stay away from all bakeries. I will. I will.


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