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Experimenting vs Mastering Knowledge

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At this time in my life  I am fortunate in many ways. I am doing work that I dreamed up, making it real and actually selling some of it. That long time goal — to bring something from the fecund “nothing” — is being met, a little or a lot everyday. I am making it up as I go along, teaching myself, working with ideas and requests from DarcyArts fans.

Everything is an experiment and I’m constantly learning.I like to make things and I like to take photographs. I’m so glad the digital format came along.

These photos are from an early morning photo shoot. The light was low. I saw this squiggly bar of light on a thin shaft of the multi-colored, sheer curtains in the living room. This room is the darkest in the house. I set the ISO to 800 and hoped I could hold the camera steady enough to get a decent shot.

This bar of light works either way as abstract art.

The darkness helps. You cannot tell it’s a curtain.

With the 800ISO it is easier to see the wall and maybe decipher that you are looking at a window treatment.

The squiggly light is still pretty cool looking. I don’t know made this shape.

I have a tripod that I should use.

I’ve always wanted to take night photos, discover strange effects.

This shot of the aloe vera plant is pretty shaky.  I can se how much more efficiently the camera is able to use the existing light at this setting.

In this pic of me near the hat rack, you’d guess it’s about 10 am.

The room did not have this much light in it, not to the naked eye.

I love formal education but I like discovering things for myself.

One path is straight forward, linear. One has bumps, curves, delays and forks in the road. Who knows where I could end up.


Need Teleportation Device

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I look forward to relaxing with family. A turkey sits in the fridge. I made stuffing number one yesterday after a long work day. Carrot cake is the plan-ahead offering for today. We will have pumpkin pie. I am thinking of making a dish of yams and sweet potatoes of various colors — yellow, orange, garnet.

I still have lots of DarcyArts work to do. Though I am going now to get it on. I will take tomorrow off! Bring on the whip cream, the hot chocolate for these super cool mornings, the warm spirits of those I love.

Those of you who cannot join us, I am thinking of you and let’s try a sixth sense energy exchange Thursday.

Why do we not yet have Star-Trek like teleportation devices? If we did would all the chicks be in mini dresses?

Facebook will have to do. See yah there.

Breathe Slowly

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While the mountains that surround us turn white with snow it’s all about deep breaths and carrying on at DarcyArts.

Midway through this holiday crafting season I think I finally understand the popularity of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster.

My inner monologue sounds a lot like this: “Must keep moving forward. Must not pause long for daydreaming or longing for the currently unattainable. Keep stitching, bitch!”

Sometimes I get blurry. Sleep restores my gumption.

While I don’t really address myself as bitch, pulling Big Soft Color into the world is my magnificent obsession.

I’m trying to stay focused but there have been moments in which new ideas wiggle through the screen needing to find some sort of expression. Those are the loose noodles my sketch book catches. This is the natural process. The stimulus overflow will give rise to next year’s creations. Amen.

Must go now to work, work, work. Spin, spin, spin. Need to make space for Thanksgiving Joy.

This Week in Faux Food

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A lovely custom donut request — lilac icing with sprinkles — from my best customer down under.

She also requested a chocolate donut with white icing and chocolate sprinkles.

Luckily I found a good bead for chocolate sprinkles over at the Beadman on Park Marina Drive.

I’m not really sure what the beads are made of but it’s something organic and they look like perfectly curled little chocolate shavings.

Construction workers have nearly finished the lovely road under the bridge from Freebridge Street to Park Marina Drive. Frank and I were pretty stoked to walk that roadway when we first moved to this house four years ago. Only months after our discovery the bridge widening got under way and that walk was axed for over three and a half years.

Our path to the cool shopping — Beadman, Discovery Shop, the health food store — will soon be open once again. Whoo hoo!

I hope the way is opened before the Discovery Shop moves into the old Safeway slot at Four Corners in Enterprise.


Taking Up Space

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True confession. want to make big things. Things that require bales of chicken wire and lots of paste and paper.

I’ve been feeling this urge for a while but in the beginning, back at the beginning of the decade, I started art project on a very small scale. I collaged and painted small match boxes. I knew I couldn’t store big things and I didn’t want to get in the world’s face with my stuff, but now, maybe I do.

Big things are dancing on the horizon. They drift into my mind’s eye — large sitting buddhas, big suns with radiant solar flares,big heads, calaveras, mushrooms, long lavender sedans.

Making papier mache means I can paint and decorate the pieces. I can dress them and put wigs on some of them. Possibilities are endless. Still I can’t break my paid-work stride. All things new must be introduced slowly.

Mushrooms. They are taking up a lot of space in my imagination. I’ll be creating more of my fancy, fantasy ‘shrooms in the new year.

This morning I came across a blog post with amazing pictures of Douglas Little’s holiday window display for Van Cleef & Arpels, New York. It’s here at A Shaded View on Fashion. You have to scroll down a ways.

It seems that George Sellers, an artist from Texas, is responsible for some the big sculptures in Little’s window design. He’s not even mentioned in the uptown fashion blog. I guess we don’t mention the help.

Here is a piece on Sellers in the Dallas Morning News. There are interesting pix of his loft and his artistic partners. Dig it.

Warm and Pink

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The sun was just beginning to peek through the hedge that faces the East. There was a beautiful pink sky.

Lovely morning star, a tiny dot centered in this space between trees.

A little space but beautiful.

Studio looks different from the outside. Warm and golden and pink.

My Color Her-o

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It’s time once again to praise the one Etsian who inspired me the very most when I was first sniffing around.

Predominately a world of minimalist drab, to find Kim Ripley on Etsy back in 2008 was like walking into a mind-tingling candy store. She’s known on Etsy as Stoopidgerl. Her name is Kim Ripley and she takes kick-ass, fine art photos in around and beyond Detroit. She’s a rainbow.

I have worked out my rainbow aesthetic as you can see in this picture of my storage shelves.

I turn these rolls of flash into pink icing on Big Plush Donuts.

These fleeces also become Curly Stars.

You can buy prints of Kim Ripley’s work in the Stoopidgerl Etsy store. That’s where I’m shopping for this holiday season.

She also makes cool jewelry. Check it out.

Kim Ripley’s Flickr page.

Flapi’s blog post on Kim.

I will keep working my way toward the best show of the glorious rainbow. I have been dedicated to developing my goodies  24 hours a day for nearly two years now and I know Kim has been on it full time, too, since 2007.

The bright lights in my work space are blowing out the colors in these quickly snapped morning pixs. Kim is a much, much better photographer than I.

She’s been schooled, for reals.

Time to get to work. I got a sweet big pile of it and that’s like candy.

Semi-Fresh Work

Posted in Art, constructions, cute, design, etsy, finds, handmade, plush critters with tags , , , , on November 11, 2010 by darcyarts

Eleven donuts done and shipped. Whoo hoo!

They were a gas to see stacked on my work tables.

Shortly after I finished them off I had a request to go small.

Could I make a Kawaii-style pink donut about 18 cms?

Certainly. It’s going to be a new listing at DarcyArts as soon as I get the last stitches in.

She looks big in the close up but she’s a mini.

Each eye is dotted with a tiny rhinestone.

There is also a bit of silver glitter on the round black eye.

I’ll be playing with this design a bit. the facial elements are simple but I am going to tweak them to suit my vision.

How about rainbow eyes?

Increase the color level please!

I think I like it.

One of my goals this year was to refine existing designs.

Now, I must say, that the word refine is a bit cold and hints at perfecting a thing so maybe I’ll use the word amplify. I’m increasing the vibrational level of the mini donut eyes, moving the color level knob closer to 11.

Oh, my, yes. Better. The rainbow rings give the mini donut a kind of psychedelic owl effect.

I’m tweaking the eyes on my black octosquid, too. One simple element — a remnant of fleece with a rainbow circle pattern set off the experimenting. Serendipity.

Chuck B. My Favorite Blogger

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Chuck B. blogs about gardening and about his environment which happens to be  San Francisco, specifically Bernal Heights. Chuck is very bright, multi-talented. He takes wonderful photos wherever he wanders and shares the most interesting places, vegetation, landscaping, art and architecture with us.

Right now he’s posted wonderful photos from an amazing trip to the Albany Bulb, north of Berkeley.

Check out his blog My Back 40 (feet). But I warn you, it’s addictive. Beautiful work, Chuck.

Bag Em and Tag Em

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Big donuts have taken over my art table! They look great all wrapped up and protected from fuzz and crud.

Pristine creations for a wonderful mom in Florida, these babies go out Monday, 11 in all by then, to attend a birthday party.

I have to pack them tight and haul the boxes to the post office. It’s a good feeling to finish a big order, get them all tagged and bagged and on their way. I imagine the happy recipient at the other end and that is definitely the best part.

These stacks of cutie-pie faux food represent hours of careful stitching. It’s a good meditation — slow, mindful, peaceful. There is love for the work and the buyer in every inch.

There is something about the roundness, the softness, the donutiness that comforts me.

Dang! I am envisioning a smaller, but equally cute little stacked cake soft sculpture. Yikes. Will I pull it off?