A Bit of Fall

Running errands, a legitimate reason to be out taking a break from stitching led to photos of early November in Redding.

Here are some photos taken on the drive out to the college this morning.

The trees are turning lovely colors — gold, red, magenta.

The clouds covered most of the sky. The sun wasn’t quite up.

It was moody and beautiful.

The photo of me was taken of a reflection in the window of American Tires, yesterday, while waiting for them to replace the right front tire I’d learned was impaled by a nail.

Cypress trees are so dramatic and a little spooky.

On the way back there was more light.

The magenta, red, orange trees line a small portion of Park Marina Drive. They are part of our morning drive.

Frank and I look forward to the change in the weather. Temperatures cool enough to coax out the color.

Yellow leaves in the right light seem to me a cosmic invitation to higher consciousness. Magenta leaves are beautiful, too.

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