My Color Her-o

It’s time once again to praise the one Etsian who inspired me the very most when I was first sniffing around.

Predominately a world of minimalist drab, to find Kim Ripley on Etsy back in 2008 was like walking into a mind-tingling candy store. She’s known on Etsy as Stoopidgerl. Her name is Kim Ripley and she takes kick-ass, fine art photos in around and beyond Detroit. She’s a rainbow.

I have worked out my rainbow aesthetic as you can see in this picture of my storage shelves.

I turn these rolls of flash into pink icing on Big Plush Donuts.

These fleeces also become Curly Stars.

You can buy prints of Kim Ripley’s work in the Stoopidgerl Etsy store. That’s where I’m shopping for this holiday season.

She also makes cool jewelry. Check it out.

Kim Ripley’s Flickr page.

Flapi’s blog post on Kim.

I will keep working my way toward the best show of the glorious rainbow. I have been dedicated to developing my goodies  24 hours a day for nearly two years now and I know Kim has been on it full time, too, since 2007.

The bright lights in my work space are blowing out the colors in these quickly snapped morning pixs. Kim is a much, much better photographer than I.

She’s been schooled, for reals.

Time to get to work. I got a sweet big pile of it and that’s like candy.

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