Taking Up Space

True confession. want to make big things. Things that require bales of chicken wire and lots of paste and paper.

I’ve been feeling this urge for a while but in the beginning, back at the beginning of the decade, I started art project on a very small scale. I collaged and painted small match boxes. I knew I couldn’t store big things and I didn’t want to get in the world’s face with my stuff, but now, maybe I do.

Big things are dancing on the horizon. They drift into my mind’s eye — large sitting buddhas, big suns with radiant solar flares,big heads, calaveras, mushrooms, long lavender sedans.

Making papier mache means I can paint and decorate the pieces. I can dress them and put wigs on some of them. Possibilities are endless. Still I can’t break my paid-work stride. All things new must be introduced slowly.

Mushrooms. They are taking up a lot of space in my imagination. I’ll be creating more of my fancy, fantasy ‘shrooms in the new year.

This morning I came across a blog post with amazing pictures of Douglas Little’s holiday window display for Van Cleef & Arpels, New York. It’s here at A Shaded View on Fashion. You have to scroll down a ways.

It seems that George Sellers, an artist from Texas, is responsible for some the big sculptures in Little’s window design. He’s not even mentioned in the uptown fashion blog. I guess we don’t mention the help.

Here is a piece on Sellers in the Dallas Morning News. There are interesting pix of his loft and his artistic partners. Dig it.

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