Need Teleportation Device

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and I look forward to relaxing with family. A turkey sits in the fridge. I made stuffing number one yesterday after a long work day. Carrot cake is the plan-ahead offering for today. We will have pumpkin pie. I am thinking of making a dish of yams and sweet potatoes of various colors — yellow, orange, garnet.

I still have lots of DarcyArts work to do. Though I am going now to get it on. I will take tomorrow off! Bring on the whip cream, the hot chocolate for these super cool mornings, the warm spirits of those I love.

Those of you who cannot join us, I am thinking of you and let’s try a sixth sense energy exchange Thursday.

Why do we not yet have Star-Trek like teleportation devices? If we did would all the chicks be in mini dresses?

Facebook will have to do. See yah there.

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