Experimenting vs Mastering Knowledge

At this time in my life  I am fortunate in many ways. I am doing work that I dreamed up, making it real and actually selling some of it. That long time goal — to bring something from the fecund “nothing” — is being met, a little or a lot everyday. I am making it up as I go along, teaching myself, working with ideas and requests from DarcyArts fans.

Everything is an experiment and I’m constantly learning.I like to make things and I like to take photographs. I’m so glad the digital format came along.

These photos are from an early morning photo shoot. The light was low. I saw this squiggly bar of light on a thin shaft of the multi-colored, sheer curtains in the living room. This room is the darkest in the house. I set the ISO to 800 and hoped I could hold the camera steady enough to get a decent shot.

This bar of light works either way as abstract art.

The darkness helps. You cannot tell it’s a curtain.

With the 800ISO it is easier to see the wall and maybe decipher that you are looking at a window treatment.

The squiggly light is still pretty cool looking. I don’t know made this shape.

I have a tripod that I should use.

I’ve always wanted to take night photos, discover strange effects.

This shot of the aloe vera plant is pretty shaky.  I can se how much more efficiently the camera is able to use the existing light at this setting.

In this pic of me near the hat rack, you’d guess it’s about 10 am.

The room did not have this much light in it, not to the naked eye.

I love formal education but I like discovering things for myself.

One path is straight forward, linear. One has bumps, curves, delays and forks in the road. Who knows where I could end up.


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