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Mid Morning Nap

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While everyone sleeps in after presents, sugar cookies, tea  and hot chocolate I will post a few pix.

In the early morning before the others were up I took a few photos of the quiet space in low light.

I lit all the candles in the fireplace except the little golden Christmas tree candles. They would lose their shape if burned.

I lit the line of candles in the middle of the coffee table behind St. Nick.




Rainy Morning with James Franco and Spiders

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Up early and actually finding time to read the Advocate article/interview with James Franco.

It’s very good.

An excerpt:

It was hard for us to imagine anyone being able to embody a young Allen, but James just threw himself into the role and knew what was going on emotionally and intellectually for Ginsberg in every line of the script. He so gets into Allen’s skin. It never feels like impersonation. It feels like a deep, nuanced understanding.”

That first impression doesn’t surprise Vince Jolivette, Franco’s close friend and producing partner. “James is probably more similar to Ginsberg than any other character he’s had to play,” Jolivette says. “They’re both writers. They’re both poets. And they’re both fascinated by art and who gets to decide what art is.”

Men after my own heart!

Now, I want to share a visit from a spider. The creature explored a portion of the plushie terrain in the DarcyArts kitchen studio. It was a very interesting looking spider. Hello Kitty and Ninja Squid 1 were the plushies explored.

“Creep, crawly, creepy crawly . . . “

Boris the Spider

Have a good day. I’m off to the work space to make a doll face.

Toward the New Year

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After finishing a last-minute Big Pink Sprinkle Kawaii style Donut order Saturday I’ve had time to rest and relax. I’m starting to feel like myself once again. For a while there I felt as if I was being sucked into a vortex of stitchery. I could see nothing else.

I reset my game, got organized, and actually had time to reflect on my handicraft. I felt pretty good about all the creations I’ve sent out into the world this season and said my little prayers that they arrived safely, on time and have found their way  into loving lives. ♥

The days ahead will find me enjoying the holidays.  This week as dear ones gather we will have delicious chili verde and fresh tortillas on the menu, sirloin-based beef stew, sharp cheddar cheese and homemade biscuits and lots of naughty sweets.

I’ll be making Soft Boys and soaking up cinema as I look forward to the high of the awards season.

In January the Golden Globes will be broadcast on the 16th, the Screen Actors’ Guild awards, the 30th.

The Academy Awards will be February 27th.

The Social Network, The Fighter, Black Swan, The King’s Speech and The Kids Are Alright, are the top of the list for Best Picture. The Academy Award nominees will be announced Jan. 25th.

I like that list a lot but must admit to having a bit of dread about seeing Black Swan. A sexual psychodrama revolving around ballet and all its dysmorphic junk strikes me as a little creepy.

The Kid’s Are Alright was pretty cute. I love Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore whose character dressed a lot like I do.

The Social Network was really a very entertaining rocket ride. Jesse Eisenberg was captivating. Once again, I gotta bow down to Justin Timberlake’s talent.

I cannot wait to see the magnificent Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech.

It will be good to see Helena Bonham Carter outside her Bellatrix drag. Could she be distantly related to Led Zeppelin’s mighty drummer?

I do not like to see men hitting one another in the face for cash and I suffer from post-traumatic Trip-to-Boston syndrome but the actors in The Fighter are too good to miss.  Melissa Leo is grand, Amy Adams, too and Mark Wahlberg always rocks it.  Frank (4.0 once again this semester) and I will travel down to Anderson Prime 11, our number two pleasure palace, and see this flick this week.

This morning a trip into the kitchen work space revealed that my picture of Robyn Hitchcock had fallen off the window. I’ll take that as a sign that Robyn needs to be included in my next batch of rock dolls.

Yes, I see Brian Eno gazing over at us. I’m ready. Soon, Brian, soon.

I’m thinking of pairs — Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry.

Sets and mini sets of film-related dolls — The Royal Tenenbaums (thanks, Jordan) which might include a Wes Anderson doll. Making that happen would bring me back to a request that actually got me started on Etsy. A young man blew my mind by telling me he loved my painted portraits. Then he asked if I’d ever paint directors.

I was sorta sucked away from painting (but will return!) but I do think of the Soft Boys and Soft Girls as portrait/ memorial dolls. They are my mid-century inspired, secular retablos or laminas.

The dolls have put my hand back into portraiture and they will happily lead me back into painting. I want to paint portraits of the dolls. It’s a little loony but my process is my own.

Rest Or Rev

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Good day ya’ll. Monday was a pleasant day and one in which my body said  “Rest.” After making up a squid set in the early morning hours, I chilled.

I needed the rest and it’s a good thing I took advantage of a little down time.

This morning I find I have had requests for two more squid sets and two little Albi-like Dragons. My favorites! I’m not alone in my Flight of the Conchords love.


I miss rambling here but I’ll be back.

I’m off to bring critters into the 3-D realm.

Yes, chil’ren we live in 3-D. Dig it.

I Need A Love to Make Me Happy

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I know you’re hearing the riff that follows that line in your head, right now. Ah, Keith. You are sublime in a most rock n roll way.

This is the meaning of success! The best present ever. Look at those eyes!

This young man is the owner of the Keith Richards Soft Boy number two. They are a dazzling duo.

What do you say Keith?

“Darlin’, it’s fantastic. I most definitely need a love to make me happy and this guy is perfect, man.”

There is deep Happy in every stitch, say I.

Thanks to Jordan K for making it happen. ♥

These lucky kids have the coolest uncle ever.

Reflections of Light

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The Discovery shop is always full of very nice things. on my last visit I could not leave the store without this beautiful wreath.

It adds light on a wall that gets none.

This old house was built to avoid having Redding’s summer sun beat in any of the windows. The living room is especially shaded.

Mirrors are strategically placed to catch and reflect light.

They can be found all over town in the sweet little thrift shops.

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that do such a good job running my three favorite second hand stores — Discovery Shop, the All Saints thrift store and The Attic.

I’m off to the work space soon but thought I would share a few pis of our nest as we jive it up for Xmas (remember Christians, in Greek X = Christ).

It’s nice to have some extra holiday sparkle while I’m stitching what will be other’s gifts to give.

This small tree was a Discovery Shop find a few years back. Why kill a tree when you can pick up a cute fake so easily?

I do miss the smell of the bows but the last few trees I bought were long past being fragrant. We may do big trees again when grandchildren come.

This little lighted church was an All Saints find as I recall.

So cute, eh? The little trees light up. The light pole will to when I set it on a solid base after inserting a little stringed Christmas light. I’ll get there.

Still hoping I have enough energy to get myself down to the De Young to catch the once in my lifetime chance to see the works of some my favorite artists. Maybe right after Christmas.

Maybe right before if daughter, Jess can come back for the holiday but I’m not getting my heart set on that possibility.

The light wreath brightens up the music wall. Maybe when I’m in SF I’m make to Amoeba for a few more vinyl treasures. Last time there I bought a fresh copy of Incredible String Band’s first, the Velvet Underground’s third and Lullabies to Paralyze by Queens of the Stone Age.

Jess gave me the Girls album Album. That was super cool gift last year.

If I was loaded with cash I’d rent a truck and haul off half of Amoeba’s inventory.

You can see the Incredible String Band LP in the picture of Jessica’s typewriter candle art piece. I love this artwork. It reminds me of Allen Ginsberg. Someday Jessica will blow minds on a mass scale with her work.

Son Brian will, too. I feel great things coming. Good minds and hearts will be valued.

Did anyone see James Franco on the Actor’s Studio last night? That young man is a maniac. Lust for Life.

Okay, enough decor for one day. Off to work.

May happy holiday vibes infect you and may we all be, at least occasionally, as deliriously driven as James Franco.


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It’s been chilly in the morning out in the laundry room where I ride the stationary bike. I have aids that empower me!

The trick is to get on before I’m fully conscious, while it’s still dark, using only the light of my iPod to reset the miles-minutes-calories counter.

Music makes the 8-10 morning miles possible.

Here is the current recipe:

The Small Faces – Around the Plynth and Flying

Velvet Underground – Mr. Rain, both versions; Black Angels Death Song; Run, Run, Run

Queens of the Stone Age – I Never Came; Burn the Witch

It works.